Monarchy--e1359675398146 “Disintegration” with Dita Von Teese.

In February, 2013, they released their latest single featuring burlesque star Dita Von Teese, who tracked them down via twitter, and invited them to spend Christmas in Paris with her. The video is shot by Roy Raz. Album number two is close behind.

“Living Without You” is out now on Ultra Records.

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Thierry Jaussaud

Hello Monarchy, before we start this interview, let me tell you how much I’m in love with your new single.

How’s your day been?
Good! Surprisingly hung over for a Tuesday morning. I had a friend’s pop-up restaurant last night, so there was a lot of cocktails downed. This morning I was in the studio working on a side project called Horixon, a kind of dance thing I’m doing with a friend.

Can you tell us what events happened between both releases Disintegration and Living Without You?
Quite a bit! We wrote a lot, did quite a few gigs and festivals, especially in Spain, started a side project, found and sacked another manager, finished a lot of songs, changed direction, changed back again, taught ourselves a lot of tricks, started learning Spanish, gave up, started again. It’s a journey.

Does it feel good to be back?
It does. We work a lot quicker than the mechanics of the music industry, so it’s a bit frustrating for us. But now we’ve got a lot of material ready to go, and we’re already looking ahead to what’s coming up.

Was your original concept of what Monarchy was very different to what it is now?
We have evolved and changed for sure. We look at some of the old photos and realise how far we’ve come, but at the same time, the core is still much the same I believe. We’re probably a little darker now. Black has always been our favourite colour though.

Do your musical tastes differ?
Music has moved on for sure, and we’re listening to the new stuff, but it’s all still connected. Currently listening to SOHN while I write this.

Living Without You has been out for two weeks now. Has it been reaping the rewards?
As soon as it was released we got booked to headline a festival in the US, and we’ve put in a tour around that now. And we haven’t even released the video yet, or the remixes, which are sounding great. The MK remix is amazing. We were a bit surprised. Maybe we’ve heard the track so many times, we’ve become immune to it, but it seems to be well received. We appreciate the support it’s getting, it makes the journey worthwhile.

Your last music video has just been shot. Can you tell us a bit more about it?
We shot it in LA with some people we worked with previously. It’s really stark, black and white, with some really great filming from a DOP that worked on Bjork videos. We can’t wait to get it out there.

Does the new album have a title and a release date yet?
We’re not convinced we’ll do an album ever again actually. We might just release EP’s throughout the year. Albums get swallowed and forgotten to easily these days. You put in so much effort on them, make them perfect little moments, and then they are forgotten in a month. So we’d rather put more music out, all the time.

The Princess of Pop has just released her new album « Kiss Me Once ». What do you think of it?
I haven’t listened to it yet. Sacrilege I’m sure.

You are very connected to social media. Last week, you tweeted « Follow a band named Democracy. We are Monarchy. » What’s the story behind it?
We tweeted « I love banning users on our Facebook. If you want your negative opinion heard, follow a band called « Democracy ». We’re Monarchy ».

I wrote it because sometimes people write stupid stuff on our Facebook wall. Like « This song sucks. But the video looks good ». Trolls. So I banned them, just for a laugh. And it got me thinking about how we’re ruling our facebook like a Monarchy, so made a joke about it. It was just a throw away line, but it connected to people. I think it’s time trolls left the internet, they’re so tedious. I feel sorry for some artists, who get real abuse on twitter and Facebook. It’s disgusting.

Andrew, you’ve been photographed with Marina from Marina and the Diamonds recently. Is there any collaboration coming soon?
We just bumped into each other at an event. She really liked our new single, and she’s working on a new album though, so you never know… we’ll see!

By the end of 2013 RDIO asked you to cover Royals by Lorde. Your versions sounds as efficient as the original. Will it be available digitally?
It’s on our soundcloud. I think it’s downloadable even. We do quite a few covers and post them to our sound cloud. We’ve done Lana Del Ray, Nine Inch Nails, a few others.

Do you have any Europe tours or festival appearances confirmed?
A few in negotiation, but nothing we can confirm just at the moment.