At 23 years of age, Melbourne-based singer / songwriter / producer Oscar Key Sung has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the most prodigious new talents in Australia’s vibrant indie music landscape.

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When did you start writing your tunes?
I was 4 when i wrote my first song, it was called « Rock it to the midnight movement » hahaha

Your EP came out kind of recently, how are you feeling about it now – do you find yourself hearing the music differently or connecting to it differently?
Yes I definitely hear it differently now, but it still feels fairly emotionally raw though. I think I write when I’m in a fairly heightened state or something, so looking back when you are feeling normal is often a bit embarrassing.

Are you planning a full-length?
Yes I am!

On the tracks that you have released, there has been a great variety in moods and atmospheres. Do you pick and choose your styles from production to production, or is it just natural?
It happens fairly naturally, Just what feels right for the song, what creates enough tension between the parts. I consciously do not limit where the style or mood might go, because I think that would limit experimentation. I find its good to work with an open mind not knowing exactly where you are going to take it, that way you can access ideas that are more intuitive and not overly influenced by what other people are doing.

Speaking about live performances, do you find it hard to translate your productions into a live performance?
I find it is important for me to have elements of improvisation in my sets so that it can be a unique performance generated by the atmosphere of the space. I want to be a better performer, and I think its like anything: You improve the more you do it.

Let’s talk about the title Dekire. How did your collaboration with Charles Murdoch happen?
Charles and I became friends through other bands we were in and touring (he is from brisbane). We talked about doing a collab, and showed each other music we liked, and it seemed like we were on the same page. He sent me a few instrumentals before dekire which was the first I felt I could write over. From there I recorded my vocal parts then sent them back to him. So it was a pretty futuristic internet collab really haha

I ask all artists that I interview this question, which three records are you loving right now
The albums I have been listening to the most in the past fortight are Kelela’s Mixtape, Brown Sugar – D’angelo, and Post-Bjork (bit of throw back).

Finally, Have you planned to come and perform live in Paris to promote Holograms?
Its not locked in but I might be performing in Paris in June! Fingers crossed it can work out!