Australia’s Kylie Minogue make a euphoric return to the charts and dance floor with her twelfth studio album, ‘Kiss Me Once’. The album is Kylie’s first since signing to Roc Nation Management and was executive produced by Kylie and Sia, who co-wrote the title track.

Kylie spent 2013 recording the album in both the US and the UK with a host of producers including, Pharrell who wrote and produced ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’, MNEK (Rudimental) on ‘Feels So Good’, Ariel Rechtshaid (Charli XCX, Haim) on ‘If Only’ and Greg Kurstin (P!NK, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding) on bonus track ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’.

Kylie said: “2013 was a year of big change, planning and preparation for me and I’m so excited that 2014 is finally here so I can share this new music.”

Kiss Me Once is out Now ! #iTunes

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Your new songs seem to draw from a lot of different genres. There’s a lot of funck, dance, and synth-pop, but there’s definitely a Kylie like sound running through the whole album. How do you synthesize all these different elements into something that’s uniquely you?
I think that it’s the combination of all those things that now make a ‘Kylie’ album. It wasn’t like that in the beginning but over time those are the styles I keep coming back to.

When visiting Paris, you performed live « Les Sex », was this a way for you to test « your fans » for a potential choice of single?
I did a few small performances around album release time and I had so much fun. It was great to go back to basics and yes, it does feel like a ‘test’ for both the fans and for myself. It’s part of the process to figure out what the visual identity of the song is. Also how it feels to perform it live, what the reaction is, are the high points where I thought they would be and how to start to mould the performance. All songs take on a different life when I start to perform them live. It’s an exciting period.

I have read in one of your recent interviews that you have recorded quite a few titles for Kiss Me Once. Are you impulse driven? Do you tell yourself that the album has to feature this title for example? Has Sia influenced you for the album final choice of titles?
The album had to feature Kiss Me Once because it is a great song and one that I love very much. Once the album was almost finished I thought it was the perfect album title. KMO has my initials and it also represents the beginning of something new. The first kiss. What will it be like? What was it like? And where might it lead? A lot of what I was going through when making this album was about change. Big changes which were exciting but also very challenging and definitely not easy.

The title « I Was Gonna Cancel » has been a bit of a triggering title of the sop pop funky of the album. Have you recorded any other titles with Pharell? Besides how have you two met?
I worked with Pharrell for two days in Los Angeles. We recorded two tracks and IWGC is the one which made the album. The other one (I won’t tell you the name!) is also good and I would love it to come out one day. We had met briefly some years before but this was the first time working together.

If you hadn’t become a popstar the traditional way, would you have auditioned on The Voice?
Hah, I’m asked that all the time now! Some days I think I would have and then other days I think I would just never have made it through. But I did take the initial steps of getting into singing (and acting) as a teenager so I was definitely wanting to go down that road. But as it turns out, there are many roads which can lead to a career in this industry.

We know that you like our country very much. Are you thinking of working some day with « French touch » artists for a future album eventually?
I would love that! I am always inspired in France and hope to always keep coming back. To make music there would be amazing.

Did you start to work on the tour ? Do you already have the « color » of it ?
We have the ‘feeling’ for the tour.
There are lots of ideas being thrown into the mix and we are currently brainstorming to make it all happen. As always, it will be endless work until opening night, but I am so excited to bring some of the Kiss Me Once songs to the big stage and mix them up with the hits fans love and throw in a couple of surprises.