Rising stars of the Parisian house scene, SomethingALaMode release their sophomore album, ‘Endless Stairs’ and new single, ‘On My Mind’ this spring and are primed to set the season ablaze. After the successful release of ‘Toy Spark Gun’ and ‘Prophet 21’, heralded by the likes of MTV, Vibe, Clash Magazine, Les Inrocks, Konbini, Beatport and Mixmag.

SomethingALaMode are back with their brand new long player showcasing twelve upfront jackin’ house cuts featuring esteemed collaborations with various luminaries like Dan Black, DWNTWN, Rinko Kikuchi, Adam Joseph, just to name a few.

All painstakingly crafted together for one hi octane, bass addled ride.


Thanks to SomethingALaMode

Lucius Yeo


Thierry Jaussaud

What have you been up to recently?
Working on our live performance, trying to rearrange all the tracks from the 2 albums, and preparing a real live set up ! A lot of keyboards, pads, and strings of course.

Let’s talk about the diverse guests on the album – how did you hook them up?
We are really proud to share our « pop tracks » with Dan Black, Dwntwn, Adam Joseph and Lola.
Dwntwn : we discovered the band thanks to Kitsune and first they did a fantastic remix of our 1st EP from the new album: Architecture. One of our favorite.
Then we made an instru we proposed them, and it matched at the 1st listening !
Dan Black : fan of Dan from a long time, before (and after) The Servant. It was a dream come true to be in the studio with him, in Paris, composing the track together.
Adam Joseph : for us it was impossible not to have Adam in the new album, we loves so much what he did on “Little Bit Of Feel Good” on our first album.. We made a new track, especially for him.
Lola : we met her thanks to a friend and we made the track around the piano, the « acoustic » way.

Did you adopt that same process when you were making your first album?
No because the first album was more a compilation of the latest demos we had. The new one is more thoughtful as a real album, trying to have a sound, a selection of tracks who tells a story and that make sens all together.

Have you played your new album to friends and family yet? What do they think?
Yes too much:) now we know the tracks you can listen a lot and the tracks you can’t !

It’s fair to say there have been some mixed reviews – how do you guys deal with bad reviews?
Well, it’s hard to make the 100% consensus so we try to our best to do a music that we feel good.

When you start working on a track, what comes first? Do you start with a drum loop or a bass riff idea?
On this album we first composed all the tracks on the piano and then made the arrangements.

Which Artists are You Listening most Today?
At the moment we love Clean bandit, James Blake, Owlle, Benjamin Clémentine, Pharrell Williams, Todd Terje, Duke Dumont, Tensnake, Disclosure, BeatauCue, Alex Metric or Oliver.

What was your First big love: was it rock, dance or ain’t there a big difference ?
For both of us it was Michael jackson’s pop. And in the Mid 90’s the french touch, of course

How much do you ascribe to the whole ‘rock meets dance’ thing that most publicists sell you as?
Always interesting to know how the publicists talk about us ! If this is what they say, it must be true !

You just have to tell me what first comes into your mind when I tell you the following key words. Ready? Let’s go…
Kylie Minogue :
The golden short in « spinning around »

French Touch :
L’An-Fer, the club in Dijon, our born city.

Daft Punk :
Our 1st meet in 96 at l’An-Fer, then later in 2011 thanks to chanel.

The 90s :
Euro dance !

Are you going to play at festivals in France this summer ?
Probably not as our new live show is not ready yet. But we’re going to do a headline live show in Paris in the beginning of July (more infos to come soon!) and start to tour with the new live in September and this winter.

Finally, where’s your favourite place to play?
We love to play in Paris of course, but we love Germany, Switzerland, for example. We played once at The Koko, London, a cool memory !