Architecture In Helsinki, one of Australia’s most infectious and beloved pop bands, release their highly anticipated fifth album ‘NOW + 4EVA’.

Featuring the singles “In The Future”, “Dream A Little Crazy” and I Might Survive, It’s an album that builds the listener an elaborate castle from the sands of time.

Running the emotional gamut from Deep Blue thru Yellow magic to Pink Pop confection, ‘NOW + 4EVA’ is sure to warm the hearts and expand the minds of new and long term fans alike.



Thanks to Architecture in Helsinki

Ambreen R. / Punkdafunk


Thierry Jaussaud

What has changed about the band since « Contact High » was released? What makes the new record different?
’NOW + 4EVA’ is very much a companion piece or a sequel to ‘Moment Bends’. It’s probably more diverse in it’s sound but a lot of the spirit carries through.

Do you have a favorite track on the new record? What can you tell us about that track?
2 favourites. ‘I Might Survive’ and ‘Echo’ both Kellie singing and both productions and songs that I’m very proud of.

The new record is recorded and produced by AIH. What is the time like in the studio? What is producing your own work like?
Studio time is always dementing. You might spend a month on something only to realise it’s terrible! Producing your own records is hard. It’s all about knowing when to let you.

What was the writing process of the new record like? Are these songs written from touring, or made up on your own, or written in practice together.
We never write on tour on in rehearsal. It’s always a case of writing and recording at the same time. It allows us to build a sing and an idea together from the ground up.

Do you ever fight over who sings what or what songs should make the album?
No fighting! I write all the vocals and i usually have a clear idea of who is going to sing them. Picking tracks for the record is always a bit of a scrap. But, generally we make the right decisions!

One of my favourite AIH songs has to be Yr Go To. Which song do you guys wish you could’ve released as a single but didn’t?
Great song choice! No regrets. It’s more a case of wanting to change production of previous singles. I would’ve loved to change a bunch of things on ‘Heart it Races’ or ‘Do The Whiriwind’.

Which music video was the most fun to record?
The two videos we have made for ‘NOW + 4EVA’ – Dream a Little Crazy, which I made in London with an Artist named Lucy McRae, was such an incredible experience – check the behind the scenes – https://vimeo.com/85298030 final video – https://vimeo.com/85152009
And the video which just came out for our new single ‘I Might Survive’ which involved us doing dance routines on green screen, is such a simple, pop and infectious clip and execution – https://vimeo.com/92011672

Does negative feedback knock your confidence as a band, especially considering you write the majority of your music yourselves?
Of course it does! but you just gotta keep getting up off the ground until you can’t take it any more.

What would you consider to be your favourite gig or performance?
I get asked this question constantly and I can never answer it!

Who are your favourites from Aussie? There are too many cool bands and singers, though…
True, there are many many great artists here. Many of which are unknown outside of the country. This is my favourite new Australian track. It’s spectacular – https://soundcloud.com/twobrightlakes/the-harpoons-unforgettable-single

What would you like to say to your fans?
Be True.