Danish popkid with a relentless urge to dance! Too young to be a vinyl-maniac but too old to embrace the digital age unreflectingly, 21-year-old Asbjørn launches Pseudo Visions – a fresh take on today’s music-formats that lets Asbjørn’s audience join him on a year-long exploration of his artistry. The term Pseudo Visions encapsulates the most intense moments that leave you to wonder if they were real or some sort of dream gazes. Every song — or vision – will be accompanied by a video, and combined the videos tell a continuous story that will evolve throughout the year.

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Thierry Jaussaud

Hi Asbjørn, thanks a lot for your time. How are you and what are you currently up to?
Hey Thierry! Today I am a bit hungover I gotta admit! I’m hosting a lot of releaseparties these times ‘cause I basically send out a new song and video every month. I am both a workaholic and partymonkey so I feel like it’s all in harmony, though.

When did you decide that you were going to make a living out of music making? Are you from a musician family ?
Yeah, it was totally meant to be; my parents were both music teachers and we lived at this Danish (kind of) borderschool for grown-ups, called ‘højskole’. So I was constantly with my dad at work, just singing and playing. I guess I always wished for a life in music but the point where I realized it was possible and that I was actually good enough was when I met Jonas Tranberg, who I produce the music with.

Are you doing it full-time? If so, for how long?
Music is all I do, yes. I was fortunate to be a student at the Royal Music Academy in Aarhus (Denmark) for three years where I got to develop my own music, know about the music industry, play concerts, and become a better singer and songwriter. I got my bachelor’s degree last summer, and since then I’ve been my own boss.

Can you explain the concept of « Pseudo Visions » and your ambitions with this project ?
Sure. ‘Pseudo Visions’ is a personal experiment to find new structures in which to make and release music. It took more than two years to record my first album, ‘Sunken Ships’, and by the time I was done, I felt like I was already past it somehow. With ‘Pseudo Visions’ I write/record four songs at the time, make the videos and release them one by one, while I make the next four. Apart from being an interesting structure to work in, it also gives every song, no matter its commercial potential, an equal opportunity to be heard and mean something to people.

Pseudo Visions’ IS an album, but it will just be reveiled song by song. It is a united body of work, like a record, but people listen to music in another way today and this is just one way of approaching that development. We may decide to collect it as a ‘proper’ album in the end for all those album lovers (like myself) who is still out there.

What makes you consider that a track is finished and ready to be shared ?
That magical balance between body and mind. If it talks to your heart and your feet at the same time, it’s ready.

For your work you certainly also need a good feeling for trends- where do you see the future of electronic music?
I think it will be super diverse, there’s a huge alternative underground that’s making its way into the mainstream, and that expands peoples horizon. I also think electronic music will become more human and less synthetic. We are still researching all of the possibilites of the computer and it’s so tempting and easy to use all of them.

What’s on the cards for the rest of 2014?
‘Pseudo Visions’ continues shaking videos off and I will start touring again, while writing and recording the rest of the album. And I will be doing the big move to Berlin in September, which is the place in the world that makes me the happiest and most inspired.

Will there be any live-shows in Denmark in the near future?
Sure – are you planning on going to Denmark, haha? Something will be announced soon.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I can easily make release schedules and career planning 5 years ahead but when it comes to the word “success”, I am not really sure. I sincerely just hope that these songs will make a difference for some, and that I will keep meeting people that inspires and provokes me to make the best of life and music.