‘Heavy Crown’ is the first official release from Manchester based Y.O.U (Your Own Universe) out via Tigersushi this spring.

Elliott Williams, a rare talent brought to the attention of Parisian tastemaker and Tigersushi owner, Joakim Bouaziz, who immediately invited him over to his Paris studios to record a few tracks that would form the basis of Y.O.U’s forthcoming album out later this year. Both artists bonded over a love of hardware synths and 80s New Wave pop records. It was deemed a logical succession of events for Y.O.U’s first outing to be released on the cult label.


Thanks to Elliott



Thierry Jaussaud

Were You always interested in music or was there ever anything else you wanted to be?
I went to see Michael Jackson live when i was 5 years old and i think that kick started an obsession with making and performing music. I’ve never wanted to do anything else and its too impulsive now to even consider anything else, i can’t stop.

Where did the Name ‘Y.O.U’ come from?

Y.O.U is an acronym from Your Own Universe. Its not very relevant in the same way as R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) or M.I.A (Missing In Action) is. Its Y.O.U

What’s your creative process like?
Sporadic my ideas can come from everywhere! a word, a sentence, a beat, a sound, a guitar, a piano. Its all very impulsive once its starts i just have to let it come naturally. Some songs take 10 minuets some take years.

Who are some influences to Y.O.U’s style of music, any certain artists?
I didn’t want to set any limits on Y.O.U i just wanted to make music that makes me excited, without any worry of a specific genre or where it should sit. Fundamentally I’m making pop music and everything that encompasses that. David Bowie, Peter Gabriel and Michael Jackson are three artists that admire very much for those reasons.

Of all the “Heavy Crown” remixes people have made, do you have a favourite?
Very hard to choose! I love the DyE and the Jeremy Greenspan remixes both for very different reasons. They have taken the track into different places and thats what you want from a good remix, Its great to work with people you admire. The 1975 have just done one too, which again is totally different, I’m very excited to drop that some point soon.

If you could collab with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?
I’ve always wanted to produce a Cure record, id love to work with Robert Smith and Simon Gallup I still feel they have a defining record in them.

Favorite one-hit wonder song from the 90′s
New Radicals : Don’t Give Up or Mr Oizo : Flat Beat

If you could play one of your songs for someone unfamiliar with your music, what would it be?
Well thats what I’m doing now haha so lets go with Heavy Crown. GO LISTEN TO HEAVY CROWN NOW http://www.ydotodotu.com

Favorite spot to play in the UK?
That would have to be the Deaf Institute in Manchester as a small venue its great to watch and play.

Favorite soccer club? Player? Least favourites?
Liverpool who are currently top of the league and playing the best football in the country!!! My favourite player is Steven Gerrard the man is an institution. My least favourite player at the moment is Aly Cissokho he’s been terrible when he’s played.

What are 3 albums you couldn’t live without?
The Cure : Disintegration, David Bowie : Lets Dance and Radiohead : Kid A

Where do you see Y.O.U being in 5 years?
Just having finished recording the strings with David Campbell for the 2nd Y.O.U record having released a No.1 selling debut and selling out shows all around globe. Optimistic, but whats the point in having a ceiling 😉