Cascadeur’s latest album ‘Ghost Surfer’ is a kaleidoscope of sound, a glittering rainbow opening a door into a parallel dimension.

Our hero has never forgotten his childhood dreams and on this new album he plays a present-day Casper who can surf on clouds faster than the wind and goes wherever his fancy takes him.

His musical spectrum is now wider than ever, an eclectic array of inventions and beats.

He still uses the same keyboards and machines, as if they were grafted to his fingertips, but Cascadeur has now gone one step further, creating more intense, complex arrangements that integrate acoustic instruments alongside their digital clones.

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Merci à Anaïs Auzet
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Thierry Lecamp


Thierry Jaussaud

How has Cascadeur (the character) evolved since the first album?
He’s following his own path… is surrounded by doubles and converses with them!

Ghost Surfer is your second album. In what state of mind was it made? Where does it stand artistically compared to the previous one?
I wanted it to be a follow-up of and to allow metamorphoses and shifts to other areas…

How do you manage to handle both aspects of your work: the public side, the promotion, concerts, and the other hand the moments for composing?
These constant shuttles are a bit unsettling but I think they allow me to tackle closely enough some topics related to my work: strangeness, loss of identity, disorders…

Do you need a special atmosphere to write your songs?
No, I don’t think so! To be in front of my piano, perhaps!

Did you have some images in mind when recording this album?

Sails, pests, disorders and crests. Seas? Down the bottom.

You’ve done a duet with Christophe on the title Collector, why have you chosen him?
It is a choice related to my musical journey. Christophe was often coming up around some of my tunes in French… So what more natural than recalling a ghost.

Out the 16 tracks what is the song that represents you the most?
Difficult question. Each of these tracks is a facet or a piece of the jigsaw.

So… If the album had to be used as a movie soundtrack, for which movie you would have liked to do it?
No country for old men or dead man.

What you have experienced on the first dates you have just performed with this new album?
Much attention and some sensation related to reunion.

What if all stopped tomorrow, what would you do?
I would compose other songs under the name Cascadeur!


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