Florrie is a drummer, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Florrie’s has released 3 EPs. ‘Introduction’ was released free to download in November 2010. Her second, six-track EP ‘Experiments’ was released in June 2011, and the 4-track ‘Late’, released in June 2012. In February 2014 she announced her new EP titled Sirens, expected for release on April 25th

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Thierry Jaussaud

Hello Florrie, how have you been since our last interview?
Hi Thierry! I’m good thanks! I’ve been in the studio working on this EP and my album…and I’m busy rehearsing for my London show in April at the moment.

We love your new single Seashells which is a powerful pop track. Talk me through the song.
Thank you! I’m so glad you like it! Seashells is quite different from anything I’ve done before, and anything I’ve been working on since, but it still has all the musical elements of me as an artist, and I love that it doesn’t sound like anything else out there at the moment! I first heard the beat in July last year, and instantly thought it had something different about it…It’s got this really hypnotic but upbeat feel to it, even though its a slower tempo than a lot of my previous stuff. I had so much fun working on the track, I spent months building up ideas and messing around with different melodies with the guys at the studio.

What have you learned about how to make music since the first EP?
A LOT! I’m always learning new things. From technical stuff like how to get the best vocal sound in the studio, to new coming up with new guitar chords. I love watching other people work too. There are so many brilliant musicians at the studio every day, it’s easy to be inspired!

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?
I do! I was 8 years old and I wrote a song for my sister as a christmas present and then performed it for my family on christmas day! My dad plays guitar and writes a lot of songs, so he helped me out. It was about all the different schools I’d been to and my teachers.

Visually, where does your lyrical inspiration come from?
I find inspiration in a lot of different places. A lot of the time I write the music first, then the melody and then the lyrics, so often the music itself makes me feel a certain way which will inspire the lyric. I like to write about lots of different stuff. Things I’ve experienced, things I’ve seen or heard, or sometimes I make up stories with characters and then write about them!

Pop stars have become more and more fashion savvy, often identifying with a designer. Is fashion something you’re inspired by?
I wouldn’t say I’m particularly inspired by fashion, but I do think it can be very creative. I love picking out my outfits for a show or shoot and I’ve worked with some amazing fashion brands who have been really supportive of me and my music. I do think there’s a similarity between fashion and music, they’re both ways of expressing yourself and being creative, but music is my passion and my inspiration.

You’ve worked with some amazing production talent, do you find them or do they find you?

You are active with social media (Facebook, instagram…). How do you feel properly handling that kind of communication can benefit an artist?
The best thing about social media is being able to talk to my fans!! And for new people to discover my music.

I feel like every celebrity wants to DJ. What do you think of that?

Maybe one day! I’ve never done it but I have friends who DJ and it looks fun.

Have you planned to come and perform live in Paris?
I hope to come and play in Paris soon. I have a gig in London, on Aril 30th to launch the EP, but hopefully after that I’ll do a European tour! I LOVE playing in Paris!

When you come to Paris, what are the things you love to do?
I love walking by the river, or hiring bikes and riding around. I always make sure I go into Colette, and maybe dinner at Hotel Costes for a treat.