Second half of the Cocoon band, Mark Daumail introduces a debut EP called « Mistaken« , a complete break with the folk world of the duo.

He confirms that he is one of the most talented French melody maker of his generation, while exploring unsuspected musical colours from him until then: electro influences, urban pop, hip hop. The first single, « Monster », beautifully bears its name.



Thanks to Mark Daumail
Thanks to Emilie / Universal

Thierry Jaussaud / Valencia Ehrhart



Hi Mark, how did you start making music?
I started with a small Casio synthesizer (that I still have actually) and a small Philips tape recorder (that I have been missing so much! I bought other ones but none sounded the same). I was 5 or 6 years old. I was singing all the time as well. I’ve always made songs.

What is your first musical memory?
The guitar intro by Chuck Berry, the famous riff he put everywhere. It made me hysterical when I was 2 or 3.

After the success of your band Cocoon, why have you turned to a solo career and a very different style of music?
I wanted to try new things with new people, simple as that. Also, I did not want to tell myself that I’d have done only one project in my life, I need to constantly experience new things and meet new people. Cocoon has been an extraordinary moment, but allowing myself this new project has increased my inspiration.

What are your musical influences?

There are many, but for this project in particular we’ve listened to plenty of James Blake, Frank Ocean and Drake in studio. We’ve listened to very current stuff, we had to do something that is both synthetic and modern.

What is your latest musical favorite?

The Kanye West album really impressed me last year. It’s so strong and smart and beautiful!

Mistaken is by far my current favorite pop track. How would you describe in a few words the kind of music you are doing?
I do not know what to respond regarding the style as the album coming out this spring is very disparate. There is pop, rnb, soul, rock… I have designed the album as a « radio » of which the listener would change the frequency for each song. No style limit, but folk.

What themes do you like to address in your songs?
There are different themes. I talk about love, revenge, alcohol, bereavement, sex, while always trying to use humor. How was the recording of the EP? Will an album be following later this year? We have recorded 11 songs and picked 3 for the EP. The album will be out for spring. It will be called Speed Of Light.

You’re currently shooting the video for the next single « Monsters ». Can you tell us a few words about it?

Go and watch it on youtube It’s online! It was a very strange shooting with these naked women around me… They were very friendly and understanding, I thank them again here.

Do you have any planned dates/festivals to promote Mistaken?
Yes! For now I have unveiled only two (Botanique/BXL, Francofolies/La Rochelle), but the long list will follow very soon.

According to you is Get Lucky the tune of the year 2013? If not what is your favorite song of the year?
The song is definitely a hit but I think it sounds « weird » and a bit « slow ». But not bad anyway! However this is the only song I remember from the album by The Daft plus the one with Panda Bear though.

My hit of the year is « Hold On We’re Going Home » by Drake. Awesome and the sound is huge.

What is your best memory as an artist? Your best concert?

Under my name I haven’t done any concert yet. With Cocoon, there have been loads of great concerts, I could not tell you… In New York, I have great memories. Not necessarily for our concerts but for the atmosphere there was around. It was mad!

What can we find in your pocket/your bag right now?
My swimsuit and my swimming goggles as I go to the pool now to stay fit.

What can we wish you for this year?

To always move forward and to make my family happy.