The New-York duo HEARTSREVOLUTION is described by NME as “the model for the modern pop group.”

Their debut full-length album « Ride or Die » will be out on April 15th, 2014 – We are in for some fresh dose of pop.

Here is the first single off of the album – KISS Lo and Ben give out a track taking inspirations from the 60′s female bands of Phil Spector, blending modern punk and dance.

On this lover’s day discover the video directed by the up and coming duo Mike and Claire depicting a modern love story – love that lasts one night.

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Who are Heartsrevolution ?

I want to know how you two met and what’s the relation?

We met in downtown Los Angeles where we both worked at the same hotel. Lo worked in the design department and I worked at the bar.

Describe each other’s personality in a sentence…
Lo is an extrovert and is like fire. Ben is an introvert and is like ice.

And you’re from New York, the both of you?
Not originally. We lived there for most of our time in HEARTSREVOLUTION, but originally Lo is from Los Angeles and I’m from Detroit.

How has New York inspired your sound?
I don’t know about that. Maybe subconsciously somehow, but we’re pretty removed from any type of scene or nightlife or anything like that.

Tell me about your song “kiss”. How did that come about?
We were just trying to do our take on a 60s girl group type of song. Lo had a melody and then we just built the song off of that. We were also listening to a lot of Motown and reading about how they embraced the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) mentality.

For the release of Kiss, producers Mike and Claire made the music video. How was the shooting?
It was great. The whole preparation, shooting, and editing of the video took place in a super short time period, so there wasn’t time to over-think it. We shot it in our flat in NYC, and just decorated it with the kinds of decorations that Lo usually has on hand.

How did your meeting go with the Kitsuné label?
We met through our manager at the time. It was exciting for us, because that was always a label that we thought it would be cool to be involved with. It was also cool because when we started, we knew some people who knew the label and told us there was no way that that Kitsuné would have anything to do with us, so it was nice to prove them all wrong!

What has been the most exciting moment for Heartsrevolution so far?
We’ve been behind the scenes, just making music and building the ice cream truck for so long without touring or really properly releasing any music or sharing the truck. With that being said, the most exciting moments have just been completing the album and the crystal truck.

Who is your other favourite duo, musical or otherwise?
Harold and Maude (movie)

Was “Get Lucky” one of the best songs of 2013? If not, what was?
Our favorite song was Black Skinhead, which was produced by Daft Punk as well.

Did you ever have any day jobs?
Yes, like I said that’s how we met, working at a hotel 8 years ago

If there is a new fan that is listening to your music for the first time, what would you want for them to take away from listening to it, if anything?
A sense of excitement for a new found freedom and the spirit of rebellion.

Number one interest outside of music…
Our dog Yoshi!

We wish you the very best with your single « Kiss », have you got something to say to our readers?
Seal it with a Kiss!!