Squid and The Stereo is an electro-pop music project formed in 2007. The Paris-based crew creates a new mix between dubstep, rap and songwriting. The band consists of producing team Squid, multi-instrumentist rapper, and Arok (mpc, prod & stange fx), accompanied by Diane Villanueva, singer and body-percussionist.

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Thierry Jaussaud

Can you describe yourself and your music?
We are a live electronic music trio experimenting with singing, rapping, playing pads and strange Fxes.
As far as inspiration goes, street and pop cultures are an innate part of us. We also like to look out for ideas in fashion, digital and visual arts. We all have different backgrounds which makes the creation process even more interesting : Harold has been in the techno and house music for more than 20 years. Goulwen, the creator of the project, has a very wide musical culture, which encourages him to go one way on a track, and the opposite way on the next one. We really enjoy the fact that we’re not trying to fit in a specific genre and we’re always open for new directions. Diane comes from performing art, body percussions and singing. It brings a lot of energy in the project as she’s more in the performance and less in the machines. A good balance !

How did you meet each others and how came the idea of working together?
Goulwen and Diane met thanks to Majiker, musician and producer of the french singer Camille. They were willing to associate singing and rapping on top of dancefloor driven beats. Harold then joined us and brought his great experience of live electronic music and his producer skills.
Why did you chose the name Squid and the stereo?
Squid stands for the trio’s capacity of doing multiple things at the same time : rapping, singing, pad rythm, accoustic intruments… Like tentacles ready to put the stereo on fire !
Who write the texts and who creates the sounds?
Goulwen crafts most of the productions with Harold adding his special touch and Diane finding the melodies. Goulwen writes his own lyrics and Diane writes them with her partner Dessil.

Tell me a bit about the songwriting process.
A lot if comes down to one of us throwing a new idea to the band and then it bounces from one person to another until Goulwen or Harold shows up with a fresh new beat, which inspires the lyrics and the melodies. We rarely start a track with a precise idea in mind, it comes by itself.

Is there anyone in particular that you’d like to work with in the future?
Sebastian and C2C !

When writing a song, how do you get to a point where you know that it’s finished and you can happily walk away from it.
Being able to say « Ok we’re done, it’s over » is a very long process. As a producer who listens to all the new stuff that comes out, you are always tempted to fall in the trap of changing the track again and again. Once you feel that you have said everything you had to say in a specific track and you feel the need to create something new, you gotta let it go ! Or else it’s a neverending story 🙂

Looking back on the EP now, how do you feel about it?
We are super happy that these four tracks are about to be released and we’re already producing the next one, experimenting with new things.

Tell me a bit about the Squid And The Stereo live experience. How do the songs translate in a live setting?

We work with a performing coach and we do our best to develop the tracks as well as the live performance. The more we play, the more we feel the urge to improve our live with new crazy ideas. We did a concert with hip hop dancers covered with fluorescent painting and we had a blast. It really encourages us to continue developing the show, and we are currently working with a light engineer and a visual artist to create something unique involving Vjing and mapping. We want people to dive into a completetly different world when they come to a concert.

Tell me about your video for Pitch Wheel, How did that come about?
The idea came from the director Dessil Basmadjian who really wanted to work on the music video. He came to us with this idea of children partying like adults, in a retro-gaming universe inspired by films like Scott Pilgrim. Since Diane has been working with kids for ten years, she was the perfect casting manager !

What’s your little habit before a live show?

Singing exercices along with a little glass of redwine to heat that up is the way to go! We also have a secret battle cry, you don’t wanna ask!

And now, what’s next?
Right now we’re focused on our EP which will be realeased on march 3rd, while preparing the next one. Our main goal is to play as much as possible in the upcoming festivals this year, and hopefully get spotted by a booker. Stay tuned !!