Owlle is a French electronic musician and remixer. Already her music has resonated among the most critical ears, winning studio time with producer David Kosten (Bat for Lashes, Natalie Imbruglia) through the 2011 Les Inrocks Lab competition, drawing comparisons to Kate Bush and Zola Jesus, and appearing on the acclaimed Kitsuné Parisien II compilation. She became known to a bigger audience after her remix of Depeche Mode’s ‘Heaven’ in 2013.

Debut album FRANCE out now! http://smarturl.it/owllefrance


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Hello Owlle, your album is gonna be released in a couple of days from now, how do you feel today, what is your state of mind?
I’m feeling good thank you !
I waited this moment for a long time so i’m anxious to get feedback from people but excited too.

We will discover France’s track list on January 20th; how did you select the songs for the album, after being on tour for a little more than 2 years?
This album is the result of my own evolution and maturation after a lot of live gigs and experiences
The tracklist was an evidence and simple for me to put together.
Its’ a mix between melancholic and very danceable songs. Some i’ve been practicing on stage for a while and others i wrote and recorded very recently !

In 2012, you were featuring on Vitalic’s single « under the sun »; is there any other band of artist you would like to collaborate with some day?
Oh I’d love to collaborate some day with Frank Ocean if i’m given the chance, i’m so fond of his productions and melodies.

Listening to your album is a bit like a travel through time, from very modern sounds up to 80s and 90s bits, reminding us of siouxsie and the banshees, depeche mode or even the Banderas band, who’s very close to your vocal signature I must say I have had several favorites on the album, like creed, fog, silence and Free’s new version. Do you have any favorites yourself?
I love that you say that, a travel through time, i take that as a compliment !
Also those references you’re mentioning they seem point on to me !

« Fog » is one of my personal favorites but, « Creed » also because it displays an entirely different face of mine and its production that is slightly different from the rest of the album, a direction i want to pursue. But don’t ask me to chose ! None of the song on the album i consider a filler, each of them is telling a story, recounting a personal experience…

The album is named after you, and the cover picture features a bit of skin… Was there a will to share a certain intimacy with your audience, to lift the veil?
It mattered to me to stay pure and myself without too much artifice. This makeup i have on the cover was my one and only stylism. I was influenced by photographies from Man Ray and more recently Camille Vivier. It’s not that i intentionally wanted to be provocative by appearing naked, more the will to have a non artifical depiction of myself, to me this cover looks a lot like a landscape and highly personal, which is how i feel about the album itself actually.

For ticky ticky we’ve had the pleasure to enjoy brillant mixes like Grum’s for instance, are there any good surprises as well on your next single « don’t lose it »?
Absolutely ! i’ve had a bunch of talented producers giving it a go indeed, Saint Pepsi (https://soundcloud.com/owlle/dont-lose-it-saint-pepsi-remix) But also in an entirely different genre, Maelstrom and also Pyramid.
I love how all of them made the song theirs !

When you think of all of the greatest pop songs of all time – by anybody – which one do you wish you had written?
It’s so difficult to tell … but I love Depeche Mode’ « Enjoy the silence » so that’s one i wished i had written !
I recently covered it during a radio session, with a piano, it gave me goose bumps !

What can we find in your pocket/bag right now?
My passeport, a Dior lipstick, my iphone w/ a special shell designed by this designer friend Jean-Paul Lespagnard who i’m very fond of, that shell is so bling it’s blinding !

Owlle, thank you so much for answering all these questions, we’ve had a lovely time, and we’re so excited to see you at Le point ephemere on February 12th. All the best, we wish you an incredible and well deserved success, it was definitely worth the wait!
Thank you so much!