Take a few catchy pop hooks, infuse with a disco vibe, a smattering of synthetic/funk tempos and some sweeping, movie melodies, spice it up with a little club music to fill the dancefloor and you’ve got Data’s first out and out sound surfer album. This young French producer, has mixed styles and influences, and has been able to produce Skywriter (with the participation of Sébastien Grainger, Breakbot, Benjamin Diamond and Bogue) after a few EPs and created his own touch: a modern, digital version of the golden age of groove, pop and dancefloor, lying somewhere between the disco revolution at the late Seventies and the resolutely FM style of the eighties. Data’s new album will be released in a few months. Stay tuned…

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Lara Kiosses

You have been discovered through Rapture and One In A Million EP and more. What made you want to make music and electro music in particular?
I’ve nearly always made music since I was a child, then the piano, then the music theory and then machines. I did not wake up one morning and told myself that I would « make electronic music » it came naturally, the musical structure allows me to explore stuff that is a little more narrative, epic , more written actually…

Besides, how do you define this first album?
I have not listened to it again for a long time … I honestly do not know, a mash-up of music that is a little stadium like, a little romantic, narrative , made using my faithful machines … a first record, not really thought through.

You have just released your new EP Soldier’s flag. What can we expect?
I’m not aiming to restart something completely different. Songs again, the same type of harmony, but perhaps different directions in production … certainly less « OTT » than before…

Your second album is expected later this year, will it be a follow-up to this EP or will it be totally different (musical genre wise)?
It will be a follow-up indeed, then I’ll try not to make 17 times the same song, and to open myself to new opportunities sometimes… it will be a surprise…

Can you give us some info about the album?
It will be fairly short, intense, epic, with quite a few vocal featuring, especially with the great Benny Sings…

You’d rather be on stage with the public or in a studio composing?
I would instantly tend to respond « in a studio », because I really love the machines, the smell of vinyls and especially this perpetual challenge… to start a song or a remix , not to be sure about getting there until I get there… it’s still the most wicked thing in the universe to create something… good or bad, to get to the point where you say to yourself  » that’s it, it’s finished. » BUT… I have to admit I have lived some really mystical/weird moments on stage, the kind of thing that you will never forget, so… I don’t know, one may consider a concert that goes well as a reward of very boring hours in studio I think.

I had read in an interview that you did not feel you could write lyrics for your tunes. Is this still the case?
No it’s not! And I’m really proud of it! On the album, there will be only one song for which I did not write the lyrics.

You have made some remixes before. What does it mean to you to remix?
It allows to start from scratch on a tune, sometimes from a great base, and to tell yourself « what is the alternative direction to the original one that could work and bring something else? « It is always wicked to start completely objective from the original and to find a new harmony.

When you compose are you pretty lonely, isolating and locking up yourself or do you need to be surrounded for advice?
I’m not into « mega » confinement, such as in a country house, staring into the void and wearing a woolen scarf alone in the forest, but I do compose on my own. I am proud and stubborn, so I never listen to advice. I just want that it suits me, and when I am sure, bingo!

If I gave you the opportunity to go back to a specific past era and place of your choice for a day, where would you go?
I think George Harrison organized a concert (or a tour, I don’t know anymore) with Eric Clapton, Jeff Lynne, and a bunch of his musician friends… I would go back then, when they were singing « While my guitar gently weeps »…

Which groups do you feel the closest to at the moment?
It’s hard…! I really respect M83 for daring to assume everything from very sweet pop to very stadium like stuff, with the underlying “synthesizer culture »… my other references have been dead since 78…

An artist to follow according to you, for this year 2014?
My guy Benjamin Clementine!

What can we find in your pocket/your bag, right now?
Let me check… a lighter… I have switched to e-cig, but I confess I hide myself to smoke…

To finish, a song you’re having in your mind there, right away?
Robin Thicke – Give it 2 U. I should probably say that this title is rubbish, but I heard it once in a store, and then had hummed it for 5 days … that must be it, true genius … the chorus, worthy of Prince is not bad at all.