Futurecop! is a British « Dream pop » duo consisting of Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol.

Due to attention from popular blogs and support from various musicians Futurecop! gained a significant following. Their most popular songs included « N.A.S.A. », « Tonite’s Hero » and « Transformers ».

In 2009, they released their debut EP The Unicorn & the Lost City of Alvograth, with Southern Fried Records.

In 2010, they released—only in Japan—a 14-track album It’s Forever, Kids for record label and publisher Media Factory. This album allowed Futurecop! to experiment with their sound outside their bedrooms and into professional studios, with singers and other producers that they met while touring.

In 2011, Futurecop! released their second EP The Adventures of Starpony. Their remix of The Naked & Famous’ « Young Blood » was played by DJ Tiësto in his world tour.

2012 saw the release of their EP The Movie OST via Kiez Beats Records. This was an electronic instrumental soundtrack created for a made up vintage fantasy movie. The album peaked at number 7 on the Beatport charts in January 2012. They then went on to release their first two singles— »Starworshipper » and « The Only Way » in mid-2012.

Their New album « HOPES, DREAMS & ALIENATION » will be release this week.


Thanks to the band

Thierry Jaussaud

Hello Manz hello Peter, how are you?
Hi we are ok thanks

How’s your day been?
Dont ask, it’s freezing – i live in sunny Manchester.

You’ve just released your new album: what are the expectations?
It will be released soon, 13/12/13 called Hopes, Dreams & Alienation. We actually completed the album more than a year ago and already working on the next one! Not sure what to expect, besides fans jamming to it lol the album is an expansion of a certain element of futurecop. For us futurecop is many things and « hopes, dreams & alienation » explains one aspect of it. It’s just something that had to be done by us and we were over the moon when we finished it.

What are some of your favorite tracks from the album?
That’s pretty hard to say, because it does depend on my mood. At the moment the next album we are working on is something more romantic, uplifting and chilled, so I guess right now I’m listening to the acoustic versions on this album or the track – me & you.

Did you find it easy sourcing collaborators to work with on Hopes, Dreams & Alienation?
It was easy sourcing but more hard to explain what we want and why. We approached people explaining we want the album to be more angst and the vocals must be inspired by bands like saves the day, ffaf and the get up kids. It was hard for people to understand why especially if you listen to our previous songs, but slowly it makes sense why this album does bring up feelings of futurecop like nostalgia, fantasy, daydreams and the future. I won’t tell you too much why it does, I think it’s best people find out themselves why it does.

All the musicians used, all had a punk rock background. We wanted to get that angst out, so you can see how it could be hard to explain why they should work with futurecop haha

How’d you get all of these people involved? Was it as simple as calling them up and asking them to be apart of it?
We met many on tour, other bands because I’m a fan, like Neverstore. We just pestered them till they did it haha

Who was your favourite person to work with on the album?
I think Neverstore, because they are a big band however he was so chilled about it, he didn’t look at anything business, he just wanted to make a really cool record mixing electronic music like ours with angst. he totally got what we were trying to do. It’s funny because the unknown bands always think about the business side whereas the successful ones we worked with don’t as much. Guess that’s why they are real artists

Is there anybody who you would like to do a track with sometime?
I break horses or johnathon johansson. I’m loving haim at the moment, so yeah would be them but that’s going to be hard, as they are massive.

Who has been the hardest person, artist or band you’ve ever had to deal with?
If someone was hard to deal with we just forgot about them, so it never came to that really. We do music essentially for fun and to escape so if someone stresses us out – we would be like – see ya later alligator. Mostly it’s managers or agents or pr people that stresses me out, they just don’t get good music, I don’t blame them as they aren’t artists so I can let them off.

Any predictions for music in 2K14?
Predictions not sure, but in UK the radio and the stuff advertised in-your-face on YouTube is awful! That really needs to change because it’s making people stupid, we need bands like nirvana, smiths, daft punk to start actually talking or relating with the problems british society is going through, not giving them false realisations of what they need to do to be happy, like getting drunk, not giving a shit, sleeping with everyone, get on diets to look good, buying ‘things’ etc – it’s just silly and bad for society I think. I’m not saying all bands do this but the majority do

Budding artists you are listening to or working with that we should be on the lookout for? Do you have any other projects in the pipeline?
The new album is actually 75% done already haha and like I said its another story that explains futurecop. We have got mereki and dwntwn on the vocals. There are more but I want it to be a surprise.