After their latest summer hit and first release on Kitsuné “Elouisa”, The Swiss are now presenting their new single, also via the famous Parisien label. Another great EP crammed full of good vibes, powerful riffs, efficient keyboards and catchy melodies.

This new release features two original songs, the heady « Kiss To Kiss », held by Roxane Ashley Aiston great and neat vocal line and the powerful and mind-blowing « Golden Century ».

The New single is Out Now :

Thanks to the Band
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Lucius Y. / Kitsuné


Thierry Jaussaud

How’d the two of you first meet and when did you start collaborating together as The Swiss?
We went to same primary / high school. I (Tony) sold luke a drum kit and we started to hang out more trough the same tastes in music. We used to jam at lunch times in our schools music room and played together in our first band. After high school we began as the swiss. We played a lot of gigs in our home town of Adelaide mainly jam slots. That’s how the Swiss was born.

Luke, Tony – describe each other in one word
Luke to Tony – passionate
Tony to Luke – prodigy

Where did the name The Swiss come from?
Why Swiss and not Aussie?
I’m so over this question. We for know. It sounded good at the time.

How did your meeting go with the Kitsuné label?
The meeting went very well. We ended securing some releases for our music.

Tell us about your musical upbringing, were you entirely self-taught?
Luke comes from a classical piano background and then delved into synthesizers and dance music.
Tony first started playing guitar and then switched to drums because his guitar teacher was a dickhead and then delved into synthesisers and dance music

What kind of genres did you listen to when you were growing up?
Classic rock, prog rock, grunge, funk. Acid jazz, hip hop and disco.

Who are some of the artists which have inspired your sound?
Pink Floyd, steely dan, herbie Hancock, Jean Michel jarre, frank Zappa. Early Jamiroquai, daft punk.

Which one of you is a better dancer?
Tony – I am
Luke – we don’t dance.

What TV show or film-type would you love to have your music featured in?
Who would you love to collab with in the future?
Would love to have our music in a film by Gaspar noé. It would have to be a comedy by him which would be completely Innappropriate. If terminator Ever gets made with cgi Arnold we would be down !

How do you see today’s Australian electro scene?
It’s awesome. There are so many great artists concerning so many different sounds at the moment. It’s really real

Luke, Tony, Someone hits shuffle on your iPod. What are 3 songs are you most embarrassed to have on there?
Honestly we can’t think of any. It’s just not embarrassing . If you like something cheesy just go with it.

Luke, Tony What’s your favorite guilty pleasure song?
Tony : Mariah Carey – all I want for Christmas is you
Luke : axel f – Harold faltermeyer

Luke, Tony Favorite 80′s song – most influential 80′s band
Tony song : drive – the cars
Luke song : ghost busters – Ray Parker jnr

Best album of all time is?
Too many to choose from one
Dark side of the moon is one that we agree on.

What’s next for The Swiss?
2 more interviews a coffee and more music . Stay tuned !

Kitsuné party on Dec 7 :