They are back with a new Album : Free Your Mind. Recorded in various locations in close proximity to Melbourne’s finest coffee houses, the album was largely an in-house affair before the band enlisted the sonic ear of Dave Fridmann (Tame Impala, MGMT, The Flaming Lips) for mixing duties. Given the psychedelic nature of dance records, Dave Fridmann seemed the perfect match. Pilgrimaging out to his secluded forest base in upstate New York, both parties formed an immediate connection.

Live in Paris : 30th November at Le Trabendo

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Thierry Jaussaud

Are you excited about the new album?
Absolutely. We’ve lived with it for the last 12 months. Now its everyone else’s. It’s a great feeling knowing that everyone is now listening to it for the first time.

Are you feeling any pressure after the success of Zonoscope?
I think with each release we have a certain amount of creative pressure that we place on ourselves. We always have a clear direction of what we want to achieve with each record and this one is no different. We really try to block out the outside world as much as possible while we’re writing. Almost like living in our own bubble. We still maintain the belief that if you’re honest with what you’re doing, then you will always have audience. You have to treat your fans with that level of respect while at the same time growing as song writers.

There’s already a bit of buzz about your return. It must be nice to see that people are keen to hear your new music.
It’s great people care. We still feel very blessed that we’re able to take our music to almost every corner of the globe. Its certainly something we don’t take for granted. To know people are excited about hearing something new certainly helps motivating us to get more music out there on a regular basis.

What were your influences during the recording of the album? What were you listening to at the time?
I guess we wanted this record to have more of a spiritual connection with people (without sounding corny). There is this euphoric feeling surrounding the music along with this idea of bringing people together. We thought that would be an interesting concept to explore in this current environment. We were all listening to a lot of different music this time around. Dan really got excited about house music again. A lot of early Chicago, Detroit and Acid house. He bought a few drum machines and synthesisers from that era to write on. I wasn’t really listening to any dance music. I was listening to a lot sedated ethereal soundscape music. Especially William Basinski’s ‘The Disintegration Loops’ That was the only thing i was listening to for a period there…oh and Kendrick Lamar.

The music video for ‘Free Your Mind’ just came out. Who has come up with the idea to work with Alexander Skarsgård ?
Alexander is a friend of ours. We met in Rio while we were touring Zonoscope. We found out he was a fan of our music and we were equally fans of the shows and films he was in. He told us the story about when he was filming ‘Generation Kill’ our record ‘In Ghost Colours’ really helped him get through that shoot. we were really humbled by that. So when the Director (Chirs Hill) came up with the treatment he thought Alexander would be perfect for the role. We sent it to him and loved the treatment and song and we just found the time to make it work. It was great experience to see his process as an actor as i’ve never really been on a film or TV set before. He’s an amazing man. He takes his work very seriously and is also one of the nicest people we’ve encountered.

With a new album out, what should we be expecting as far as live shows go?
A lot of white lights and movement. We want people to experience as much of that euphoric state we talk about on the record at our shows.

What exactly is your creative process like when you’re writing a song? When you’re putting songs together, do you think about how they’re going to translate on stage, especially in front of big festival crowds?
They’re really two separate things. When we’re writing, all we’re thinking about is serving the song first and not considering how we play it live. That come after. The process for writing this record was quite different from what we did in the past. We started out by writing a new song idea everyday. We did this for about 6 weeks so at the end of it we had about 60 ideas. We then went though everything we worked on and began to shape what is the record you hear now. The idea was to not second guess anything, to record something and move on. It really helped in freeing up the song writing. We had a lot of material for this record so deciding what to keep and to leave off was difficult. The decisions were based on would connect the songs together to create the story arc the record has.

Since you guys are so busy, what do you do in your free time in your hometown ?
I like being near the ocean. Hanging with friends and watching a lot of NBA basketball….just the usual stuff you know?

Speaking of Australia, with you guys, The Presets, Miami Horror, as well as everyone on Modular Records, it seems the country very good at producing some of the best electronic acts. Why do you think of your local indie dance scene ?
There is a really strong underground dance music scene emerging from Australia right now. There are a lot of producers doing some exciting things that no one has probably even heard yet outside of the city. Some great stuff is happening that i think people all around the world to hear. Not only that but there are some really amazing bands coming out of Melbourne right now. Bands like The Twerps, Standish/Carlyon, Worlds End Press. Cant forget about Sydney either. Jagwar Ma are doing some really cool shit. The scene in Australia is really healthy.

I was wondering what your thoughts are on the music industry this day and age, as there’s so much controversy over file sharing and the future of this industry.
Rip it up and start again.

What record that came out were your favorites over the past year ?
The Knife Shaking the Habitual, Midnight Juggernauts Uncanny Valley, Standish Carlyon Deleted Scenes, Larry Gus Years not Living, Deerhunter Monomania, Oneohtrix Point Never.

In a few weeks you will be in Paris to promote your new album. What does Paris represent for you?
Well our first record was mixed there so it means a lot. We’ll always have that connection with your city. Dan is also a displaced Frenchman. He’s been visiting there ever since he was young. We feel like we haven’t played there enough. Something we need to change!

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Buy or steal our record. We love you and thank you for your support!