Toxic Avenger comes across as something of a paradox at first. An introvert capable of extremes. An electro producer who only listens to pop. An independent thinker with an addictive personality. Simon Delacroix (as he’s known on the street) is a mass of contradictions, providing fertile ground for excess.

At his own admission, his long-term plans are ambitious, but at least they’re clear: “My goal is to make music that appeals as much to ordinary people as it does to those with more hip credentials.” Not that he particularly wants to give hip credentials to the mainstream, or to make the avant-garde more accessible: what he wants is to combine all the influences that are most important to him, however much they run counter to one another.

Obviously, the key to getting this combination right is living a life where difference and plenitude are one and the same.


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Time for an introduction! Who is The Toxic Avenger? What’s with the name, something that’s been probably asked loads of times and you’re wondering how people can still ask now
I was part of a hip hop band at the time, and The inrocks magazine quite liked one of our tracks, so I needed an Mc name! I chose The Toxic Avenger then as I’m a big fan of poor quality B-movie !

Choose one word that best describes your sound.

Do you write your texts and create your sounds yourself ?
Yes I compose music with my friend Olivier Dax and we write texts together with singers.

Your album has just been out. What can we expect from the 2nd album?
Has anything influenced it? > > Definitely the 80’s, I think it’s quite obvious at first listen ! > All my youth memories came up while I was making this album. Beautiful memories as well as less beautiful ones.

Have you changed in anyway since the making of the first album?
I made my first album exclusively on my own, on that 2nd one I really wanted to be amongst a lot of people. I love everything and its opposite.

Let’s talk about the title Alien Summer on the first album. How did your collaboration with Annie happen?
I have been a long time fan of Annie, I have always found in her a kind of Kylie Minogue who would be doing good music, I have had this track for her for ages… I have sent it to her and she accepted straight away !!

Where was the first place you have ever performed? How much have your live shows changed since then?
It was 8 or 9 years ago in Switzerland… I was not self confident at all ! My show is completely different today ! I have a dozen 70/80/90’s machines on stage with me, we take risks, there are videos playing behind us.

Favorite country/city/continent you have visited and where you have played?
I am in love in Los Angeles.. I’m thinking of settling down there very soon.

If you could collaborate with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?
Morrissey!!! It’s my ultimate dream.

What will make you consider that you had made your life a success?
The day my grandmother will understand my music.

What can we find in your pocket/bag right now?
Spare change, my keys, iPhone earphones, business card in the name of Florent Guttirez

Besides have you got any anecdotes on the album ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES that no one knows and that you could disclose to TEEZ’ readers?
I had to beg tulip ( Play Paul ) to come and sing… He was absolutely not confident about his voice!! (otherwise he does a very good impression of Serge Gainsbourg)