It may have been a long time coming for some, but Australia’s favourite psychedelic-dance adventurers, Miami Horror, are set to return with a whole new bag of delights.

The past few years have seen the group release their highly anticipated debut, Illumination, to heady acclaim, as well as relocate to the US after lengthy tours of both their home country and abroad. Settling in Los Angeles, the four-piece quickly found inspiration in the glowing year-round Californian sun, set up a home studio, and eagerly started experimenting with new sounds and projects to ease their creative itch.

Proving that time is of importance, the band, anchored by producer Benjamin Plant, have spent the last year crafting and perfecting new material glittered with dream-gazey synth and matured song writing to deliver a new chapter in Miami Horror’s evolution.

New Single Real Slow is out Now

Thanks to Benjamin

Thierry Jaussaud


Valencia Ehrhart

Real Slow is just released. And right now you’re working on a new album. What can you tell me about it? How long do we have to wait before we hear it
It will be release early next year. Its quite different to the last album! a lot dreamier and more focus on chord movements and melodies as opposed to production and style. However we have made sure not to loose those elements that we brought to illumination.

Are you working in a new videoclip?

Yes the video clip for real slow is almost finished! I’ve only seen a few screen shots but i’m excited.

What were your influences during the recording of the album? What were you listening to at the time?
We had been listening to so much over the those first two years after illumination

You have been the first to collaborate with the artist Kimbra on the album Illumination. How did you meet?
She was dating Josh at the time so it just happened to work out.

Any other guests or surprises on the forthcoming album?
Still working on some!

In France, You have been compared, favorably, to Cut Copy and Midnight Juggernauts. Are they an influence of yours?
Yes I grew up making music alongside them and i think we used to have a lot of overlapping influences as well.

Because you do play so many different festivals, clubs and music venues, do you approach a show/set list differently based on the venue?
No we tend to actually stick to what we know works best, we’ve changed the set recently however we dont like to change tooo much from venue to venue, just add or removing a song here and there.

From the time you started out as a band and now with the debut of your second album, social networking has made a huge imprint on society. Are you fans of Twitter and Facebook? Or do you use them more as a tool to get music out there?
We dont use twitter too much but really appreciate the reach social media now gives bands. Its vital for marketing yourself personally to your audience.

What about you? Do you have other focuses besides music that you’re quite heavily involved with?
One day I want to open a restaurant but now that we’re so busy with music again, I think that its a while off.

And of course, the inevitable… What’s your take on the current state of the music industry?
I think everything is fine, obviously there has always been terrible mainstream music, its just whether you pay it enough attention to annoy you.

Tell us a cool story. Something crazy that happened while
touring or in the studio. Whatever – we love gossip 😉 Recently we ended up at a party at Robert pattersons house in the hollywood hills and somebody ended up falling over getting a black eye, while another person vomited on his couch. It was a very LA moment.

To conclude with, Where are you answering our interview questions from?
Currently in Santiago Chile, we just played one of the biggest best shows we ever have!