Frontman Jeff Thompson formerly of Young Digerati has started a new musical project called Strangeheart in Hollywood, Ca. After being dropped from Rocket Music Management (Elton John), Young Digerati parted ways only to pursue new musical endeavors. Thompson and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Queen formed the group in December of 2012, and have quickly created a buzz that has received plenty of recognition for the release of their first single, « In Another Life. »

Released in early 2013, « In Another Life » has already topped the Hype Machine popular charts (no remixes) going as low as #29 and peaked on We Are Hunted’s 99 hottest tracks at #25. Strangeheart is currently in the studio working on their debut album and performing shows on the West Coast.

Thanks to the Band
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Thierry Jaussaud

You have just published ‘How to Feel Right’ and seems like it’s working pretty good. Has it been self-produced or is there any company backing the single?
The song was produced by LA producer Ran Pink at Fonogenic Studios. He’s been amazing to work with. The track was self-released and is being pushed on college and specialty radio.

Is it getting harder to get real support from record labels?
Definitely yes. I wouldn’t blame it on the « big bad labels » though. It’s not easy to sell records these days.

How did the writing process for ‘How to Feel Right’ go?
We wrote and recorded it in a garage. Once we had the opening keyboard part it all came together really fast. It was one of those songs that felt catchy right off the bat so it was pretty easy to put the pieces together.

What are your plans in the next few months?
Finish the record and hopefully start touring.

If someone had never heard you before, how would you describe your sound to them?
Electronic pop with a very human element. Layers of synths and programmed drums fused with live guitars and romanticized vocals.

When did you both start writing music?
When I was younger I used to watch Brandon play local shows in the town we grew up in. That was 11 years ago. I started writing some time after high school. When I was 20.

What has been the most exciting part of being in a band?
Nothing about being in a band is better than performing.

What artist or band do you see as a musical reference?
I think when you hear more songs from us you’ll hear our influences come from all over the map. But if you like Crystal Castles or MGMT, you’ll probably like strangeheart.

What’s the most played song on your iPods /iPhones/Walkmans…?
Right now it’s « You’ll See It » by Washed Out.

If you could pick somebody for a dream collaboration, who would it be?
Robert Smith from The Cure.

Could you describe your clothing style for us?
Almost everything we wear is from H&M. Brandon likes collared shirts and suspenders. And he always gets his shoes at Aldo. I mostly wear skinny jeans and tank tops. Now that winter is approaching we’ll probably be wearing more hoodies and leather jackets.