Oh Land’s third album, Wish Bone, is a study of contrasts. It pairs the diverse musical sensibilities of sparse instrumentation with lush surging vocals, and compares the fleeting physicality of man with eternal dreaming. In these contrasts Nanna Øland Fabricius, the musician behind Oh Land, finds a sense of peaceful discovery. New Album : Wish Bone is Out Now ! Oh Land is back to Paris on Wednesday, November 13 at 7:30 (show at « Le Nouveau Casino »)


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Valencia Ehrhart

Hello Oh Land, how are you? Where are you answering my questions from? I’m great thanks! Sitting on my tourbus in Vancouver!

We love your style as well as your music, is this a big part of who you are?
Thank you! I try to be as honest as possible with everything I do – cause I find that that is the only way you can make true connections with people. I simply can’t do anything I don’t love -I’m very particular about sound aswell as visuals.

Your 3rd album is nearly out. I have read in a recent interview that you have been collaborating with Dave Sitek and the singer Sia. How did those two collaborations go?
It was a blast working with Dave, he has become a really good friend if mine and he just encourages you to do whatever you want to do and it’s just very free spirited, Sia I toured with for a few months- and we became great friends and she is such a talented singer and songwriter. And has great humor too! Sia produces quite a few titles for other artists.

Have you co produced the title with her? or is this a title she made you listen to before you recorded it?
I could never sing anything I haven’t written. We met up and wrote the whole thing together. And I spend a lot of time afterwards in the studio playing instruments- recording brass sections etc etc. I’m involved in everything- I’m a musical over achiever.

As production is signed by Dave Sitek. this album will sound a bit more alternative than the previous one?
Some people say one thing some people say the opposite. I’m not to judge my own work. I just know that it was very honest to who I am and that Sitek never imposed any sound on me- it was a true collaboration in all the best ways. I never think about what genre I should fit into.

Is there a title that you like the most on this album?
Maybe « bird in an aeroplane » or « first to say goodnight ».

What makes you consider that a track is finished and ready to be shared ?
When you have said just enough to get the point across but haven’t over explained!

You had a first collaboration with the singer Yuksek a few weeks ago. Is he taking part also into the album?
We wrote « last of our kinds » together and it was super fun but we didn’t record anything for my album.

Has taking part into a few collaborations made you feel like writing for other artists?
Yeah- I love the social aspect of being a musician, you play with other people and share your thoughts and angles on a subject,

I have heard that your parents are musicians. What look do they actually have on your work?
They actually love it. In a very genuine way. I think they just see it as a very honest reflection of me.

What will make you consider that you had made your life a success?
I dont know that I will ever make that conclusion on my life…But I’m pretty sure that it’s not work that will determine the success of my life as a whole. I think if you try to be the best person you can be you’re on your way!

What can we find in your pocket/bag right now?
Earplugs- mixtapes- sleeping mask- ibuprofen- lotion- lip balm- head phones- and a snow globe from Ottawa….

What are the next Oh Land projects after the release of the album?
I’m writing on my next music video together w a very talented young author, Ashley Cardiff- and we will have the same guys from the ren girls video direct it- all expanded.

Have you planned to come and perform live in Paris?
YES! I love Paris very much. I’m coming in November and I can’t wait!!!!!