DISCODEINE is a french duo born in 2007 from the sick minds of Pilooski and Pentile. They have separatedly released some acclaimed records in the last past years (Pentile was involved in Octet and France Copland, Pilooski has remixed LCD Sound System, Mystery Jets and the infamous Frankie Valli) before finding a mutual ground around their love for sci fi movies, weird club music and south western french cooking style. Discodeine is signed on french imprint DIRTY/Pschent, home label of the well known « Dirty edits » (a collaborative project between Pilooski and Dirty Sound System) and some other cool and weird compilations projects.

The New Album : Swimmer will be released Next Week !

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Ben Taylor & Thierry Jaussaud
Let’s kick off with Seabox. First of it’s an amazing track and the sinister energy that you’ve pumped into it is contagious. How would say the sound of Seabox differs to what you have done previously?
Thanks. Perhaps it sounds more minimal. There are less tracks in the song and one main idea developped on a simple woodblock percussion set. Then it’s our first collaboration with Mark Kerr as a singer. He played drums on stage with us on several gigs & then when we first heard his voice, we thought this would fit. Mark sings on 3 tracks on the LP. The other vocal featuring being Kevin Parker from Tame Impala.

What was it that attracted to you to the tropical elements within Seabox and Gamelan?
We always like these kinds of sound. We’d been there before with « Falkenberg » on the first lp, there’s plenty of mystery, imperfections in those carribean sounds that we can relate to.

Also… the title? Where did it come from and what does it mean?
The key idea behind the whole record is based on the Aydin video, the swimming-pool being the center of it. Most of our last LP titles are more or less linked to this (Hydraa, liquid sky, dive wet etc…).but It’s also a tribute to « The swimmer », this weird 60’s movie by Frank Perry starring Burt Lancaster we like a lot.

How was the workload shared for the making of this album?
We both compose but it is mainly produced & mixed by Pilooski in his studio.

Let’s talk about the title Synchronise. In my opinion, this track has become a classic. How did your collaboration with Jarvis happen? Were you a fan of Pulp and his work before hand?
Jarvis used to buy most D*I*R*T*Y releases (compilations and Pilooski edit) online. One day he simply sent a mail to order one record. As he was living in Paris at the time, we invited him to the restaurant and submitted the idea of a featuring on a track.He quickly accepted the idea. He is a very kind, simple and smart person. We didn’t know the Pulp records or his first solo LP so much. Then after our collaboration we discovered we liked a lot of his ealier releases, he probably felt we did not treated him as fans….

More and more artists of the french electro new scene are making film sound tracks. If your new album represented a film, which one would it be?
« The swimmer ». A guy who’s swimming back home.It’s a strange idear and a weird journey. His trip back is a mix of happiness & deep melencholy.

As with many artists nowadays, were you approached to have your music associated to a product?
We were approached by companies for synchronize but we do not want to associate our music with brands that do not fit with us and degrade the identity of our music.
Aydin was recently used in a fashion show in Milan by Gucci.

How to maintain a regular audience when everyday we are overrun with new releases ?
It’s hard. It’s a bit the musical overdose. And we think there are too many revival things. It’s difficult to sound fresh. Probably, the best challenging thing is to try to release some original, personal stuff.

Are you preparing a new tour?
Yes, we are working on it. We are working on two versions. One set will be machine based only, more on a club tip. the other set will be with Mark Kerr, singing and playing drums (not at the same time ;). Mainly for big festival.

If you were a french pastry, what would you be and why?
A mille-feuille, our music is a mixture of thin layers of different influences overlaid with delicacy.