« Such a voice is like The Gulf Stream melting down icebergs and growing mimosa in Groenland ». This is in these laudatory words that JD Beauvallet of The Inrockuptibles describes the very first single of young parisian songwriter Jeremie Whistler, « Cold Heart ». Jeremie was born and grew up in Alsace, before settling down in Paris as a professional graphic designer. But music has always been his true driving force. After years of demo and a few sound backgrounds jobs for documentaries or television, Jeremie Whistler finally takes the plunge with « Cold Heart », foreshadowing a first EP for the end of the year.

Download Cold Heart for free : http://dropify.com/l/LjR


Thanks to Jeremie

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Valencia Ehrhart

So Jeremie, how are things today?
Good! I just got back from a beautiful trip to lisbon, now I have a lot of work to do.

Can you describe yourself and your music in your own words ?
That’s quite a hard thing to do. I’m a musician, I love writing sad songs that are a mix of different styles. It’s really difficult to define my music at the moment because it is constantly evolving, and I like to try new stuff. For instance, if I write a song that is really sad on a slow tempo then I’ll be willing to go the opposite direction for the following one. It’s always quite melancholic though.

How’d you get started as a musician?
I was always in choirs as a kid. When I got my first computer I started composing tracks that were experimental, with sounds that I would record in the street, voice bits and home sounds. They slowly became songs as I’ve always loved singing. I took a few piano lessons when I was a teenager, and classical singing lessons as well.

Do you write your texts and create your sounds yourself ?

I do. I love working alone, I need to feel a certain way to be able to write, I need to be alone, home, almost bored, but recently I started some collaborations and I loved it! Musicaly, these collaborations took me somewhere I didn’t know I could go and I really learned a lot.

Which artists influence you the most ?
I like how Björk feels free not to respect the rules, to make music instinctively. I mean, I don’t know her personally but her music gives me that impression. I’m usually inspired by artists who have a strong personality, musically, and to whom being creative is a priority. I’ve listened to Radiohead a lot, Cocorosie, and more recently Grimes or Santigold.

Can you tell us about your first single Cold Heart ?
Cold Heart really « appeared » to me, almost magicaly, in the middle of the night. I was actually watching DEXTER where I heard a few notes of guitar, and I suddenly felt the need to write something. It sounds really cliché but I was almost possessed when I wrote it, it just came to me, and it was written and recorded in a few hours.

Could you define it in just three words?
Dark – Dreamy – Abstract

How was L’internationnal?
It was nice! It was only my second time on stage, I was a bit scared but far less than my first time. I really like being with my musicians, we really have fun playing together so, this is something that I’m looking forward to doing again.

Do you think the internet makes it easier for a singer starting now than it was ten years ago?
Yes and No. I think that it is easier to share your music now, even if you aren’t signed to a record compagny, but on the other hand the offer becomes saturated so it may be more difficult to get noticed. I don’t really know how it was before… But as an artist I really like being able to share my stuff and make it available worldwide so easily!

What can we find in your pocket/bag right now?
My keys, my wallet, my laptop, my iPod, a USB drive, a book, « Science & Vie » Magazine.

To finish, a song that may be on your mind right now.
« Try to be » by Blue Hawaii and also « Wrecking Ball » by Miley Cyrus haha.

And now, what’s next ?
I’m finishing my EP called « Flakes » and getting ready for more live shows. I’m excited.