Margaret Berger started her career in 2004, 18 years old. She has released two albums on Sony BMG, she won a norwegian Grammy for best musicvideo in 2004, and was nominated for best newcomer. Her single « Samantha » from her second album « Pretty Scary Silver Fairy » became an international clubhit.

New single « Human Race » is out Now !

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Hello Margaret, How are You? Where are you answering our interview questions from?
I’m superduper thank you! I’m at the moment in my living-room in Trondheim where I live, with my Macbook, decorated with butterfly-stickers.

So many excellent electronic artists hail from Scandinavia. What’s in the water over there?
Oh, yes actually, the northern lights(Aurora Borealis) drip drops small electrodes down on our skin, and this runs through our veins making us 10 % sci-fi creatures. But shhh don’t tell anyone.

What motivated you in taking part into Eurovision contest, and what was your reaction when you won the Melodi Grand Prix 2013, last February?
The song was the big motivation for me. I could very early feel it in my guts that I would be extremely jealous seing someone else perform that song. My reaction was shock. I didn’t even cry cause I’ve never really won anything, and I didn’t know how to respond to so much love.

How has your sound changed or evolved since your previous album?
As I am 7 years older, things have naturally evolved I guess. The songs are deeper and the sound is darker. I feel very comfortable with my newest sound.

Where does the name Chastisement come from?
I have no idea. It’s not the name for my album. The name for my next album is New Religion. I guess someone really wanted to name my album, and kept writing it on Wikipedia.

I have read somewhere that Leo from Lo-Fi-Fnk has written a title for the album. How did your collaboration happen?

I’ve been a fan of Lo-Fi-Fnk since 2006, and I finally got them to work with me! So excited for our weird dancehall-electro song called Mountains that’s gonna be on the album.

At the moment, your new single Human Race is out only in Norway. Do you plan to exploit it in Europe as well?
I’m pretty sure the song is out in all of Scandinavia and in England. I want my music to be all over the world, but I’m taking small steps to get there, as I need partners in every country to make it work.

You came out second of the Norwegian version of « Norvegian Idol ». What was your best memory of this experience?
The whole experience was a real rags to riches story(I’m not rich btw, haha), I was an 18 year old girl with a dream, and it all started with Idol. I think my best memory is singing Björk with a big band…

What do you think of new song contests, such as The voice?
I don’t really watch tv anymore, so it would be wrong of me to comment on it.

If you weren’t making music professionally, what would you be doing?
I have no idea, I’m pretty good at running projects for other people, so I guess I would be a manager of some sorts.

What can we find in your pocket/bag right now ?
The last issue of « Sandman », and the first issue of « Fables », my Ipad and a lipgloss.

What’s coming up for you (besides the album, of course)?
I don’t know, the future looks exciting though.