Thomas Azier is a pop-electronic music artist, based in Berlin. After spending the past 4 years tirelessly honing his sound Thomas Azier has emerged with his debut EP “Hylas 001”, released on his own label Hylas Records.

During an extensive tour in 2013 and several support dates for “Woodkid”, Azier already presented his previous EP’s “Hylas 001” and “Hylas 002” as well as some new material from his forthcoming album live on stage.

Thomas Azier “Ghostcity” (Single/2013)


Thanks to Thomas Azier
Merci Jean François / Mercury France

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Valencia Ehrhart

Hello Thomas, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. How are you?
I’m doing really well, thank you!

Where are you rignt now to answer my questions?
I’m in an empty apartment, just moved today back to Neukölln today. I was living in Mitte for the last year but had to go again. Have been such a hobo for the last 5 years, I’m not sure if I’ll ever settle down.

You’ve had beautiful musical encounters during the last two years, the French Woodkid and The Shoes. Were you the one who came up with the idea of working together? I could really picture you adding your vocals to one of The Shoes titles.

They found me on the internet and (the shoes) asked me if I wanted to join in for a concert @ l’Olympia. It was amazing, I sang my favorite track from the Cure, a forest. We didn’t rehearse but the energy on stage was raw and real. In the meantime woodkid asked me to join him on tour for several dates which was a lot of fun to do, and great experience to play for a bigger audience then just late night clubs.

Back to your musical news, the new single « Ghostcity » and the album coming out in the next few weeks. What can you tell us on the album. Will there be any surprises on the album? A duet?
Ha, I wish it would be there in a few weeks. It’ll more be like: months. It’s going to be my story of the last 5 years. The record is called Hylas after the mythological figure that really inspired me. On the record you can find stories about me and others that inspired me, stories that I lived or found. The three main themes on the record will be the ever changing city, the future & introspection.

What will be the album’s musicality? similar to the first two EP?
I guess you can say that, I recorded everything when I was roaming through the city, so every district here has their own songs and memories. The final touches I did the last two years in an abandondend DDR factory in Berlin Lichtenberg. It was so rough, ultra dusty and dark place. I recorded the sounds of the machines (they used to make the churchbells of the kremlin here), and I used the real reverbs of the halls and rooms. It was an experiment to see how much heart a place could bring into the record, i needed this to complete my vision of industrial, dystopian elements within popmusic. I could tell you a lot more about this but we would have to meet so we can actually have a conversation.

What is your favourite title of the album?

I can’t tell you yet, but one of my favorite title from the last two EP’s is called How to disappear. It’s inspired by one of my favorite poets Fernando Pessoa.

When do you consider a song is complete and ready to be revealed?
It’s hard to describe but I usually feel it. When it’s done, I feel whole. When it’s not done I feel restless, I don’t sleep, I don’t eat, sometimes for almost a week in a row.

Has an artist or an album influenced you while writing your album?
Other things inspire me more then music. At home I like to calm down and listen to jazz or classical, but inspiration I get more out of Architecture, Poetry, Books, talks, dreams, thoughts, etc.

What have you planned for your parisian concert parisien at The café de la danse?
I wanna pull you into my world, see if that’s possible, hopefully we play a bit later. I want you to feel what I feel.

Now that the single is out, the album is to be out soon as well, what will be your next projects? a tour?
Def. a tour. I can’t wait to get out and travel. I was in NY one month ago, for the first time of my life, and it really impressed me. After such a long time of working a lone I’m also really ready to go into the studio and work with other guys. I think I created a sound now I’m really happy with. Would love to bring that to the table within a cooperation with other producers/songwriters.