V V Brown, plural artist, passionate about music, visual arts, writing and fashion, is back with a new album named Samson & Delilah. Praised by all media as her album Travelling like the Light came out in 2009, V V Brown became popular notably thanks to her single « Shark in the Water ». 4 years laters, the Beautiful has created her own label, Yoy Records, and has made her music evolve in a very personal way by running all aspects of creation : strong and polished tracks have come of this, both dark and energetic, where electronica mixes with tribal rhythmics and rap parts, as V V Brown’s soul voice is delightfullly haunting them.

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Valencia Ehrhart

We love your style as well as your music, how do your aesthetics (both clothing choices and visuals) help you express what you’re feeling?

Your earlier sound had a more pop upbeat feel to it, can you talk about how and why has your sound evolved?
I’ve grown into a women and have experienced the world. Such a powerful transition. I’ve embraced life culture with more wonder experimenting with darker and abstract themes and thoughts. I see life differently and chase after a challenge of the mind and soul in its purist.

You’ve just released your single ‘The Apple’ tell us a bit about it and the awesome video?
It’s the 2nd part to our short film Samson and Delilah. It’s about not compromising and not wanting to be patronised. Samson and Delilah is all about strength and weakness and this part of the film and second music video is about a man in the wilderness trying to find his way after feeling crippled. Watch his journey.

Who came up with the idea of recording the french version of your new track?
I did. I love France and the language and I thought it would be special to devote the time to doing this. I was coached by my sisters best friend and musician Valerie. She is amazing and very poetic.

Can you say a few words in French?
Chante avec moi?

When thinking of France, what comes to mind first?
Elegance, simplicity and tradition.

How has the music scene changed since you first stepped on to it compared to now?
It’s seems more bold. The industry has changed and it feels exciting. Perhaps my late 20″s is making me be part of an different group.

We can’t wait to get our hands on your new album, tell us a bit about the album. What theme drives the whole LP?
Electronic, intensity, metaphors, ambiguous lyrics, pain, liberation, weakness and strength. Power and control. It’s a journey if experimentation and transition. It’s a darker and a much more exciting journey.

Do you have a favourite track? And which song are you most excited to play live?
I can give you more and nothing really matters are my favs and are a challenge as I have to sing with operatic influences.

How are you feeling about you first headline show on 25th August at Rock en Seine?
I am sooooo excited. We have dancers and a amazing theme based on a science lab and an amazing back drop and my goodness it feels so good to be playing live again in France! Beautiful Paris.

When you play live, what will you do with your older material now that your sound has taken a new path?
We will do an electronic version of the old song and a medley of the older material. We have worked hard to pay respects to the path to this place we are in. I’m proud of my first album but I respect change.

After the album is released what’s next for you?
More music and perhaps a school to help kids in music.

Invent two lines of lyrics to explain where
Lyric « in the mist of change there is a sun that will always shine, fine wine, wheelbarrow boy, wheelbarrow turn, my love, that life, a fearless whisper, we face the long brick wall in hope after years to break it down »