Formed in Stockholm, 2012, Cape Lion is the outcome when producers/song writers Carl-Johan Sevedag and Martin Wiklund put their heads together. Coming from widely scattered musical backgrounds the duo delivers big and uncompromised pop music with timeless hooks and melodies that stick right from the start.

In early spring 2013 the first single ‘You Kept Dreaming’ was released thus revealing the constellation to the masses.

Thanks to Carl-Johan and Martin

Thierry Jaussaud

How did you guys get together?
We are both music producers, so we met through work. We quickly became good friends and started fooling around in the studio making sessions that nobody will ever hear. All of a sudden the fooling around turned into our single « Jennie ». We realized that « damn, this is actually a pretty good song ». Ever since then we’ve been working hard on new material.

How did you come up with your band name?
One late night at our go-to pub Baltazar in Stockholm the name pretty much came out of nowhere. One of us had read it somewhere and thought it sounded bad-ass. When looking it up we discovered that the Cape lion was actually very real with a characteristic black mane that used to roam freely in the very south of Africa before it became extinct. For us it is a symbol of mystique and greatness.

What is your musical background?
We both come from very different musical backgrounds. Carl-Johan aka « Oa » grew up listening to and producing hip hop. Old school acts like C.L Smooth, The Pharcyde and A Tribe Called Quest has played a big part. Martin was that kid who played in indie pop bands and spent his days listening to Death Cab For Cutie, Spearmint and Håkan Hellström. We met somewhere in the middle and started making music that we both could relate to.

What’s next and what’s in the works?
At the moment we can’t really go into details, but we have a 5 track EP that we’ll release in the near future along with some videos and stuff. Brace!

A lot of bands fall to the pressure and hype of releasing an album after a successful EP and the quality doesn’t live up to the expectations. How do you feel about that?
We feel sorry for these bands. Luckily we can’t relate. 😉

What are your thoughts on the changing music industry? Mp3s are being shared freely. It has a dichotomy where you’re not making money off of the songs but they spread so quickly so you have access to people across the globe. How do you feel about that?
Neither of us has bought a CD in years. It’s time for artists to realize that selling physical copies of your music will no longer generate any income. If you want to make money of your music you simply have to find other ways to do so. Sharing on the internet opens up new doors and make artists like ourselves more creative in finding ways to get exposed.

What is the inspiration behind your sound?
We tend to inspire each other while making music. We always take turns while writing songs, recording instruments etc. When we’re not in the studio, we like to take the car and go to some place we have never been before. At least in the summertime.

What are the bands that inspired your sound and shaped the way you look at and listen to music?
We get a lot of inspiration from bands like The Beach Boys, where the melodies, harmonic structures and innovative productions play a big part. Apart from that we often find inspiration when listening to individual songs with these qualities. It can be any genre from any time period. A lot of 80’s music often tends to make us excited.

What messages do you want to send to your listeners through your music?
We wouldn’t call it a message, but more of a feeling. We’re always striving to find that nerve in our songs that we think has been forgotten in popular music lately.

If you could start a festival like Bonnaroo or Coachella which would be the bands you would have to have playing? Let’s say 6.
This would be a pretty wild mix. Hopefully they could have a jam session at the end of the festival.

The Beach Boys

Wu-Tang Clan

The Free Design

Nirvana (with a Kurt Cobain hologram)


Chrome Sparks

Describe yourself in three words?

Carl-Johan: Beard, Restless, DIY

Martin: The, Exact, Opposite

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
We are going to have to go for a standard cliche answer on this one: Keep an eye out for our upcoming EP and stay in school kids!