In Rebeka’s short yet eventful history, the electronic duo has so far stormed the stages of The Great Escape in Birghton, UK and Poland’s biggest festival circuit: Heineken Open’er, Burn Selector in Cracow as well as Free Form Festival in Warsaw. Their firts single “Fail” was released on Brennnessel in 2011. The second single “Stars” was released on Discotexas with remixes by Moulinex and Punks Jump Up to name but a few.

Rebeka is a phenomenon the grapevine has been buzzing with even before their first official release. And it all boils down to the explosive duet between a charismatic vocalist: Iwona Skwarek and a compelling producer: Bartosz Szczesny. No wonder even MTV Iggy noticed and featured them on their homepage at the end of 2011.

The concept behind the project is to differently tackle the studio recordings from their live performances. Rebeka’s onstage spectacle is refreshingly raw. The minimalism of the tawdry Casio meets fully-fledged synthesisers. Crude and solid. Whereas the studio material teems with carefully planned arrangements and melodic richness.

New Single ‘Melancholia’ is out Now ! from Rebeka’s debut album « Hellada », out on 17/05/2013 on Brennnessel Records

Thanks to Iwona & Bartek

Thierry Jaussaud

Hi, how are you doing today? and where are you answering our
interview questions from?

Iwona: From Poznań, my home:) I’m very tired after few shows but also
happy and satisfied. Today I can rest a bit. My cat is here with me.

Bartek: Hello! I`m also in Poznań, at my home-studio where I live.

First off, tell us a little about yourself. How’d you get into the whole music scene?
Where are you from and whatnot?

Iwona: I was always singing, since I was a child. Suddenly when I
moved to Poznań from Zielona Góra to start my History of Art studies I
discovered that I don’t want to be an art critic but just want to sing
and create my own sounds. I had my first band, called Hellow Dog. Then
I started to create music by myself. And it was fantastic expirience.
After two years of solitary work I decided to find someone who could
help me. It was Bartek.

Bartek: Before I was invited by Iwona to collaborate in Rebeka I was
playing in my solo project (B Szczesny). I always wanted to make music
with people so I was very happy to make something bigger.

How would you describe each other?
Iwona: Bartek is a serious guy, he’s focused on developing his musical
skills. Very stubborn and talented. perfectionist and coffee admirer.

Bartek: Iwona is deeply emotional but she knows what she want`s! She`s
not afraid of experimenting and she`s always searching for something

Your first album ‘Hellada’ has been released in May. How long did it take you to create this album? How much have your various interests in music influenced this record?
Bartek: We`ve been working on Hellada for almost 3 years, but it`s not
whole story. Iwona was doing some recordings before we met and some of
those tracks was used on album.

We`ve been creating Hellada at my home-studio in majoryty. It`s hard
to tell how much others people music has influensed the album – our
main inspiration are instruments.

What is your favorite song off of this album and why?

Iwona: My favorite song is 555. It’s still very fresh for me, the way
that we have composed it is the closest to my current emotions and
fascinations. When I’m playing it live it brings me tones of feelings
and I feel very powerfull.

Tell us about the new single called ‘Melancholia’2
Iwona: We decided to make a hit. The melody and the bass line came immidiately.

Bartek: But the rest of the song was a sfrife to finish! We`ve been
working on it really hard for months.

What is the meaning behind the title, ‘Melancholia’?
Iwona: I was inspired by Lars von Trier’s movie ‘Melancholia’ For me
Melancholia is a state of mind, scary but at the same time peacefull,
cause nothing can surprise you. The movie was very stirring. This
planet destroing the Earth was so terrifying and beautiful. I thought
that I undestand this emotions, when you cannot change anything and
you feel good with it. This is what the song is about.

When checking out your lastfm page, similar artists are :
UL/KR, Kamp!, The KDMS, Très B.,Mikromusic do you agree with this?

Iwona: similar… they are our friends maybe lastfm knows it:) We use
electronic stuff but I’m not sure if we are similar. I would not say
so. All those bands are from Poland. mayby that’s the key.

Rebeka is signed to Brennnessel and DISCOTEXAS Records. How did you get involved with them? How are they different from other labels?
Iwona: We are not very expirienced with labels. DISCOTEXAS found us on
the web. They are amazing guys, they call themselves familia. I agree
with it totally. Brennnessel it’s Kamp!’s label. It came naturally.

What do you think of the Polish music scene?

Iwona: I think it is growing. More and more talented people are making
independent music. I see bright future. Bands like UL/KR, Kamp!, Tres
B, Klaves, Disordered to name a few, are showing that something had
change. I feel fresh air and a lot of enthusiasm. Also from listeners.
We have a lovely audience in Poland.

Bartek: I know a lot of young and talended people – I`m soo happy to
see them growing! I think that Poland music scene is relatively fresh
and enthusiastic.

Pirating music has become extremely popular, easy and common; where do you two stand on the issue? Why?
Iwona: I came to terms with it but sometimes I feel extremely angry
when people take tracks which we gave for free and upload it to some
pages where you have to pay for downloading it. Nowadays we know that the most important thing is to spread the music everywhere. Musicians earns money from live shows. So I have ambivalent feelings about this case.

Bartek: yeah, It`s the worst scenario when you see that someone is
making money with your music which you`re spreading for free.
Neverheless the most important thing is to share the music with people
who`ll like it.

What’s next for Rebeka ? Any festival dates this summer?

Bartek: There`s OFF Festival in Poland ( )
we`re booked and other smaller festivals.

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Iwona: Lots of love from Rebeka to TEEZ’FM listeners!

Bartek: Take your time to sit, relax and listen to the music you love!