Swedish indie all-star band Amason releases their second single “Went To War”. Amason are Gustaf Ejstes (Dungen), Amanda Hollingby (Idiot Wind), Nils Törnqvist (Little Majorette), Petter Winnberg (Little Majorette) and Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow).

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Thierry Jaussaud

First of all, let’s start with a simple How are you? And what is this interview interrupting?
Very good thank you! Preparing to walk on the Orange stage at Roskilde festival with our fellow Ingriders

For people who aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe your style?
Hard question, Usually its better answered by a non band member. I guess its a combo between Dungen, Idiot Wind, Little Majorette and Miike Snow…

How are the songs put together?
Most of the songs start with that we record a jam with all of us in the studio. Then we mold that into songs, all together or in smaller groups…

What is the theme of “Went to war” your new single ? What is it about ?
We would like the listeners to have their own interpretation of what its about.

Sweden is so supportive of musicians, and there are so many Swedish bands that come over here and do very well. Do you see yourself as part of some kind of Swedish indie rock movement?
Sweden is a small country, most touring bands and artists know each other. I guess a big part of that is represented in our ingrid collective or people close to it.

Can you tell us about the Way Out Festival Festival and how it went? It looked really cool.
I assume you are referring to the Ingrid performance. It was pretty spontaneous. We got offered to play, met up two days before the show to figure out what to do. The last bits was planned a few minutes before we went on stage.

What was the first band or record that you loved, which was ‘your own’ and not influenced by family members?
I can’t remember clearly, but I think it was either Kraftwerk or Off The Wall with Michael Jackson

Can you remember what was the first type of music you were exposed to?
My dad worked mostly with Classical music and was a big fan of Bach, so it was probably that.

Can you remember the first album you really fell in love with?
Computer World with Kraftwerk

And what was your first memorable gig?
I think it was when I went to a Pink Floyd show with my mother

Recommend something? It can be anything…
Homemade fries

Lastly, what are your plans for the rest of the summer? Have you started any work towards new material yet?
We will work on new material in between the festival shows.