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Hello! We’re big fans here at TEEZ’, so it’s nice to finally speak to you 😉
Hey there ! it’s nice to speak to you as well ! Enchantée.

My first question, what is the story behind the name Christine and Queens? (something that’s been probably asked loads of times and you’re wondering how people can still ask now )
The good news is I never get tired of answering that question, because it’s an important one ! The project was born in 2010, in London, where I was roaming alone at night. It had been a tough year for me, and for many reasons I was feeling out of place everywhere. Except in Drag Queen’s clubs – where I was, every night, to see Drag Queens perform. To me, they were perfect ; they reconciled everything I loved : theater, music, comedy and tragedy, elegance and insolence. They were pop creatures at their finest. I got close to three of them, who were Drag Queens who played real instruments, as a crazy band. And then it hit me : I had to do just THAT. I had to create a character and make a pop project. This is how Christine was born. I had done theater before, but I wasn’t for me. I had done music, but never felt good enough to succeed. Christine became like a magic formula that made every of that work. I kept « Christine and the Queens » even if I’m a solo artist, because I owe those Queens, big time. They liberated me.

How has the Nouveau Casino been for you?

Fantabulous. I’m still not over it. It was the first time I had a proper headline show, so the audience was so enthusiastic and lovely from the very beginning. It was overwhelming for a young songstress like me. To be honest, I don’t remember any of it. I must have been in a trance or something.

Did you have an idea in mind when you wrote and recorded NUIT 17 A 52 , or was it more of an organic process?
I’m constantly writing songs, and when I get a lot of them, I do notice that some of them sort of come together quite well. A story can be created with a bunch of them, and it suddenly makes sense. I see an EP or an album as a movie ; it has a beginning, and end, a real evolution. For Nuit 17, I was thinking about all those different nights you can spend with a loved one ; tremendous nights, sad nights, loving nights – and the break-up night as well. It’s an inner chronology, it’s mysterious but at the same time everyone can relate to it. Once I had the songs and the story, I could begin to work on that.

Every artist has that elusive person who has had a great impact on their career. Who would that person be for you?
When I look back on my young career, I see of course the Queens, but also the people who slowly started to work on my side ; my manager, my booker, my label. Artistically, I’m quite independent, so the people who helped me so far – and matter to me – are the one who allow me to stay independent.

Do you think that the idea of the frontwoman is still sort of a novelty in popular music?
It’s beginning to change when you think about it. All the supernovas in pop today are female : Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, they’re huge right now. In the rap game, the girls are working it as well. And in the more indie sphere, there are Grimes, Austra, Bat for Lashes, Lykke Li… But I think what is still problematic is the lack of credibility that have women who write and produce everything they do. Grimes wrote something about it on her tumblr ; she was tired of receiving « pieces of advice » from men who told her that they should produce her, etc. Women are here, exposed, but too many of them still stand only as sex symbols or pop dolls. Few of them are respected as multitalented artists. But we’re slowly getting there.

Do you feel that ‘the industry’ sort of lumps a bunch of dissimilar musicians in the same group just because they’re female?
You mean, do I think the industry places females in groups just because they are females ? I don’t really know. Examples ?

Do you get approached a lot to use your music commercially?
Not that much – not that I know. I don’t know if my music is commercial anyways…But I woulnd’t mind being used for a high fashion campaign – there, I said it.

What are some of those things that inspire you, outside of music?
A LOT OF THINGS. I’m gluttonous of basically everything. Contemporary dance, movies (from weird horror movies to Bob Fosse), the big mess that is internet (I would check tumblrs out until 5 a.m.), opera, even TV shows if they appear to be freaky and indecent. I keep my eyes open and stay curious, as much as I can.

Who are some of the artists you’re listening to right now?
A lot of rap and R and B those days – because rap is the new pop, and R and B is quite strong recently. Frank Ocean, A$ap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Disclosure, the new Austra. But also old stuff like Shuggie Otis. Classical music, but also Philip Glass. I’m gluttonous as well.

What’s one of the first things you remember creating? Like when you were a little girl?
When I was little, I wanted to be a great writer. I remember it vividly because I wrote, a LOT. Novels, poems, and later theater plays. Needless to say I disappointed the little girl that I was, but nevermind, I got to be a writer in my own way.

What would you do if you were not a musician?
Well…I’m still writing a lot, so I would probably try not to disappoint this ambitious little girl. I would probably be interested in modern art as well. Installations, performances, etc.

What can we expect from you for the remainder of 2013?
I’m starting the big work : my first album. Hopefully it will be released in early 2014. So i’m focused on that, and I will tour as well.

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Be curious, and stay freaky. 🙂