Brand new duo straight from Athens Greece, Bronson is the collaboration of Poka and Etal, long lost friends who joined forces in 2012 driven by their common love for making music.

New single : Diamonds EP is Out Now!


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Hey Bronson!! Thank you for your time. How’s it going?
Thank you for giving us the chance to have our first interview as Bronson!

Sun is shining over here, so everything is ok!

How’d the two of you first meet and when did you start collaborating together as Bronson?
Our parents have been friends for many many years but we had lost contact for over a decade. So last Christmas, a family dinner was the cause for reunitement.
After that the musical collaboration came naturally since we found out that our musical interests were pretty similar. We even discovered thatwe use the same daw for production.
So we decided to work together and see how it goes, that was the beginning for Bronson.

Can you tell me about your musical influences and how that plays into the music you make?
Vassilis: Many many musical influences. Disco, 80’s, house, electronica, ebm, synthpop…many.. listening to your favorite tracks u observe and get influenced by their structure, arrangement, progressions, synths used etc etc. yes!

Dimitris: I listen to all kinds of music but my style has been very much influenced by the early
French House scene of the late 90s.. I love to sample and everything that has to do with sampling, for me it’s all about recycling sounds and bringing a whole new perspective to a recording.
Apart from the French among my favorites are Fatboy Slim, the Prodigy, Armand van Helden, Dj Shadow, all pioneers of creative sampling.

In your opinion, what has been the worst trend in dance music over the past 2 years?
Dimitris: This whole « Where’s the drop? » mania..

Has music making & DJ-ing now become your full time job or do you still have regular day time jobs? Do your mothers know what you do?
Vassilis: No for the moment it is still a part time job/hobby but a very serious one that consumes enormous amounts of time and effort. In the future we will see how things will evolve!

By the way we are both engineers. And our mothers yes, they know what we do. Lately we discovered that they have set an evil plan to prevent us from producing music so we can focus on our real job…just kidding, they really like our stuff!

Dimitris: We hope that one day we ll be able to make a living from all this but at the moment it is just our passion and we are happy to share with others.

If you could choose to remix any song in history of music, which one would that be? If you could hand out the remixing duties for a song of yours to any artist, living or dead, who would that be?
Vassilis: Toto – hold the line
Trentemoller, Oliver, Dennis Ferrer

Royksopp – 49 Percent (just for the vocals of Chelonis R Jones)

In a time where blogs and sales are dominated by singles and remixes, what do you think are some challenges when it comes to making albums?
Fresh sound, finding your own style, being genuine and of course hard work!
For us each track has to be perfect and true to our taste.
Every time we try to set the bar higher for for each track we produce.
Never compromise with something less. Some day success will come! At least we think so…

If you could travel back in time to the 1980’s, what’s the first thing you would do?
Vassilis: Buy white socks and black shiny shoes and wear them asap

Dimitris: Go to a Michael Jackson concert

What are the top five tracks you’re listening to right now?
1) Shiny objects & Maxxi Soundsystem – higher ground (Maxxi Soundsystem remix)

2) Super Flu – Reeves (Original mix)

3) Punks Jump Up – Get Down (Special CCCrash Mixxx)

4) Dennis Ferrer & Nick Curly – Underground (Dennis Ferrer mix)

5) John Tejada – Somewhere

1) David August – To all the ladies

2) Disclosure – You & Me ft. Eliza Doolittle

3) Marcus Marr – The music

4) Cajmere, Sonny Fodera – You’re The One (Pleasurekraft Remix)

5) Two Charming Men – Lemons (Original Mix)

What projects do you have in the pipeline?
We are working on new tracks, mixsets and hopefully some gigs!