At only 20, Superpoze has already a bag of strong and critically acclaimed productions under his arm. Just as confortable with remixes as with original compositions, “Pavane” is not his first shot on Kitsuné: “Transylvania” was given as a bonus track on Parisien 3 and his remix of Two Door Cinema Club appears on their last single “Next Year”.

Faithful to his last productions, Superpoze composed for Kitsuné a dark instrumental hip hop track with twitchy rhythms and efficient bass lines

The release also gathers three exclusive remixes including the gliding version of Dream Koala. Fakear is a childhood f! riend of Superpoze who played recently with Wax Tailor in Paris, and the third and surprising clubbing version is signed Dombrance.

SUPERPOZE Pavane EP Out now : iTunes


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Viviane / Kitsuné


Thierry Jaussaud


Sophie Jarry

Describe Superpoze’s sound in one sentence?
Somewhere between hip-hop and electronica.

When did you start doing music as Superpoze and where?
I started composing hip-hop instrumental tracks when I was in high school. But it wasn’t before 2010 when I entered university that my project as Superpoze really began. I did my first lives in 2011.

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why? Living or dead.
Bonobo, with whom I discovered this wave of hip-hop instrumental and experimental producers.
Flying Lotus who taught me that there are no limits when it comes to sound utilisation. It’s by listening to his albums that I understood you can create a snare with any sounds you could imagine.
Philip Glass, for orchestration and keyboard sounds. Love for the rhodes, glockenspiel, bells, and all these crystalline and aquatic sounds that I love.

How do you connect with fans and get them involved in your music?
Through live, it’s very important for me. I like leaving the audience facing the electronic live set, bringing down the barrier between the source of the sound and the auditor’s ear. I try out stuff constantly in order to surprise the public, but also to surprise myself. I also try to reveal very talented artists to my public through my quarterly residency at La Flèche d’Or.

Do you manage your Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud accounts yourself? If so, any helpful hints for other artists?
Yeah, it’s obvious to me. A hint? Be naturel and express your true self.

How did your meeting go with the Kitsuné label?
We met for the “Parisien 3” compilation on which my track “Transylvania” is featured. Then I remixed “Next Year” from Two Door Cinema Club. After that, we worked together on the EP.

You’ve remixed Two Door Cinema Club’s Next Year, any other artists on the card for remixing?
My remix of Rone’s “Let’s Go” will be release on June 17th on InFiné.

How do you compare the process of making remixes to making your own music? Do you prefer one to the other? Is making remixes easier or harder?
For me it’s the same process. Making a remix is like composing a track with an imposed samples’ database. There are no rules, sometimes it takes 2 hours to make a remix, sometimes 4 days. That’s the same for compositions.

Are you still based in Caen in Normandy? Or have you been tempted to move to a big city?
I still live in Caen. I love this city and a lot of my musician friends still live there. I don’t intend to stay my whole life but it’s not far from Paris by train. So for now I’ll stay a little while.

What are your plans for the future?
First I finish my tour in France, Switzerland and Russia. Then I’ll enter studio to record new tracks and prepare for my next release.

We wish you the very best with your first EP, have you got something to say to our readers?
Be curious and listen to “La Pavane” by Gabriel Fauré which inspired this EP!