Nocturnes is the sophomore album from British artist Little Boots and follows her successful 2009 debut Hands. Inspired by her experiences DJing at nightclubs around the world, the album marries her perfect pop sound with club-inspired beats and synths.

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So here we are… Noctures a new album full of songs ready to be lapped up by music lovers. How are you feeling?
Really happy and relieved that I’m finally releasing this album!

It’s been four years since your last album – did you get ‘second album syndrome’ or did you just want to take your time?
A combination, there were a lot of frustrations with my label holding things up and delays beyond my control but it also took me a while to find the direction and the right people to work with.

Apart from recording and writing, what else did you get up to/learn/achieve during your time off?
I’ve been DJing a lot which is something I’ve found really rewarding, and we toured in some places we had never visited before like South America, China and Russia. I’ve also been writing for other artists.

You have been honing your dj skills, particularly in the last year or so. How has this fed into the production of the new record?
Being aware of the latest dance releases and what other DJs are doing, also seeing how those records work out in a club and discovering the origins of dance music and lots of classic records has all really fed into the sound of the album.

Nocturnes obviously has all the tell tale elements of a Little Boots LP but there’s still a marked change in sound; how would you describe it?
I think its bit more grown up and much more considered, more cohesive but not necessarily drawing from one era for inspiration. Its still very pop and up beat but with lots of different sonic inspirations and being recorded in the same place with the same producer helped bring it all together.

You’ve mentioned the journey that you’ve been on since Hands and the highs and lows you’ve experienced. With this in mind are there any songs you’re particularly proud of on Noctures? why?
I always find it difficult to choose on songs over others, I guess they represent different parts of the writing journey… I do love Motorway though.

I find myself drawn to the track ‘Strangers’. What inspired this song and how did you decide upon its sound?
It was inspired by classic Abba style happy sad pop songs, I was in Sweden when I first started writing it. The production totally changed when I worked on it with Tim, before it sounded a bit like Robyn a few years ago and really needed a new pair of ears on it and he helped transform into this amazing cosmic chugging aquatic disco journey which I love!

How does the title Nocturnes reflect on the new record and yourself?
I think the night time theme is what joins it together, most of the songs feel like different phases or experiences of the night and dance music is the soundtrack of the night after all. I guess the title is a bit more grown up and serious also.

Your debut was a big success – were there any nerves about trying to follow that up?
Not really, the music industry has changed beyond all recognition since then and success means something very different in 2013. Now I prioritise myself being creatively happy much more than before.

Looking back at your debut LP, which song are you proudest of there and why?
Stuck on repeat is still a very special song to me.

So Headphones? Why didn’t it make the cut?
I think its a great catchy track but the style just didn’t sit right with the rest of the album and it was so important to me that there was a consistency there in the tracks we chose, its already out there and we still play it live so its not like anyone’s losing out.

What’s the message Little Boots will be channeling in 2013?