Du Tonc are Matt Van Schie (from Van She) and Mighty Mouse.

Second single Surging Memories is out now.

13/06 – Social Club, Paris
14/06 – XOYO, London
23.06 – Pool Party, San Diego
28/06 – Glasslands, New York
29/06 – The Dolphin, Philly
04/07 – TBA, Los Angeles
05/07 – Baltimore House, Hamilton
06/07 – Supernite, El Paso
12/07 – YEFQ Party, Mexico City
13/07 – YEFQ Party, Guadalajara


Thanks to Matt Van Schie and Du Tonc


Thierry Jaussaud

First of all, could you tell us a bit about the story behind the band ?
We met in the now concealed back room of Paris Social club in 2010. And we’ve been good friends since then. In 2012 we decided that we take our friendship to the next level i.e. start a band together!

How would you describe your band and music in a few words ?
Fun, disco house.

What did you want to express in “Surging Memories”?
Lost loves and friendships of summer days gone by, but also the joy in knowing that there are many more people to meet on my journey.

Tell us about your musical upbringing, were you entirely self-taught? What kind of genres did you listen to when you were growing up? What instruments do you play?
My theoretical and practical musical training started in High School. I was tutored on Guitar and later Bass. I started out listening to classic rock, then into funk, disco and jazz.
When I was growing up I listened to Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, RUN DMC, Daft Punk.

Apart from music, do you share other passions together?
We both like to party hard, sadly. And we both like to have a good laugh.

Darkness, your first single have been climbing the indie dance chart early this year, what are your thoughts on the climate of this scene in particular and who are some of your favorites in the genre?
I’m not sure what genre we slot into really. But I’m loving Jai Paul, Blood Orange and Haim at the moment.

If Du Tonc existed in any of the the three previous decades, which one do you think would suit best your mood and inspiration ?
Very early 80s in New York. Wonky disco meets 80s pop.

What would be your dream place for a concert ?
Live Aid.

What is your good fun top 5 (video, music…)?
The Reels – This Guy’s In Love
The Style Council – Long Hot Summer
Duran Duran – Girls on Film
Roxy Music – Avalon
Beastie Boys – You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party

Three reasons to love Surging Memories?
1. Because you dig the feeling you get from melancholic vibes.
2. You like a strange Middle 8
3. And you love summer.

With what words would you like this interview to end?
Thanks for having me. See you soon!