Baadman, the 18 year old French DJ revelation releases his first EP, “Stab” on Kitsuné: out May, 13th!

Raised in Caen, like fellow producers BeatauCue and Superpoze, Baadman rapidly gained notoriety by playing some big name festivals in the West of France and producing extraordinarily mature and accomplished music. As proof, the first ever remix he did for Yelle’s “L’Amour Parfait”, out last February, made quite some noise.

Stab EP is perfectly fit for clubbing, big bass and loops are stringing together with a disconcerting facility : “Stab” and “Gambetta” should be big hits of this summer.


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Viviane / Kitsuné


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Vincenn Nnecniv

Just to begin with our interview, where are you right now while answering our questions?
I’m at my parent’s home

Who is Baadman?
Baadman is just a pseudonym. I am not hiding behind this name, I just found it funny and cool haha.

Your first EP « STAB » will be released in May on Kitsuné . Besides it can be heard on TEEZ’ ‘How would you define your musical style?
I Think it’s a mix of some differents kind of music like rave, techno, acid… I like not do the same thing all the time.

How did your meeting go with the Kitsuné label?
the Kitsuné label mailing me for the Yelle’s remix first. They told me that I have only 48 hours to do it, so I took the chalenge and they loved it !

You’ve remixed Yelle’s L’amour Parfait’, any other artists on the card for remixing?
Yes, but it still remains a secret.. The only thing I can said it’s that i love this band !

What were you earliest experiences with music? The first record you bought, for instance?
My parents listening all kind of differents music at home, jazz, funk, soul since I was a kid. My first « choc » with electronic was Tiesto i think, i was a really big fan ! But few years later in 2008, I meet Don Rimini who playd some electronic tracks in a familial party and that clearly change my vision of electronic music.

What has influenced you in the past years?

I do some search about the base of the electronic music, because of my young age I did not know this time haha. So i listen some label like Trax, Missils, Dance Mania and all this stuff blew my head ! I think my EP stab come from that infuence.

How do you think you fit in historically? Are there an artists doing similar things or things that inspire you?
I think some new young producer like me will be very big in few years like for exemple Scntst, who have 18 years old, it’s for me the best producer of the moment

How do you see the music industry in the next coming years?

I really don’t know. Music industry change literaly every years, but internet will have very important place, even more now maybe !

What’s the hot, new track of the moment?
My favorite track of the moment is Manare – Riddle. It’s an awsome techno track, very simple, but very very powerful.

What do you do when you’re not music-ing?
I studding (yeah), watch a lot of movies, I see my girlfriend.. a lot of stuff

We wish you the very best with your first EP, have you got something to say to our readers?
Thanks for this interview that was cool, and thanks for supporting me !