LOGO are already back on track with “Cardiocleptomania”, out on Kitsuné the 25th of March!

Buy the new EP on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/kitsune-cardiocleptomania/id606135238

Cardiocleptomania is an enigmatic name and we like to imagine that it could probably be the scientific calling for an heart robbery.

But listening to the convulsive piano and sticky sub-bass lines in the background makes us think there’s no sad romance here and the only kleptomaniac is the spellbound sound that’s stealing your heart in one beat. (kitsuné)

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Loïc Prigent


Thierry Jaussaud (Valencia Ehrhart)

Hey Logo! Thank you for your time. How’s it going?
We are really fine, all conditions are here to be happy and positive. If not, we wait for the day after to come.

Why Logo?
We don’t really have any message to spread or something deeply mental to say, so we were searching for a very global, universal and well understood word. The fact is, it has any sense, maybe it reflects a positive way to be and live, as it could be seen as the initial of « Live Or Get Older », or the opposite of « No Logo », or whatever you would find. We needed a brand name to exist, but it has no leverage on our way to do music.

As you are a duo, I was wondering who does what in the band?
We both have the same background, no real musicians skills. So, we usually work on a song separetely as a simple loop or a suite of musical chords and then we mix it and finish it togerther. When we find a total agreement, which is getting easier since we met, the track is finished and we are happy!

I am a total fan of your last tune which, to me, is a pretty well-assumed come back to the 90s HOUSE. Music-wise, is it a time in which you wish you could have worked?
Thank you! we are fan of 90s house obviously, and mainly we tried to muddle those serious and powerfull piano chords with a happy-go-lucky phase full of synths and tyrannous vocals. We love to opposite phases in order to generate mixed feelings in the same track and in the club thus.

Moreover, who highlighted the 90’s as a DJ in your opinion?
Let’s say DJ Hell.

How would you describe the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene in France at the moment?
So many things happen, so many different scenes from deep house, disco through rave to techno. It’s the perfect moment to do something new and singular as everything is possible and influences have never been so easy and full of sense to mix them up. We get tired very quickly of movements, we are more interested in personnality of the music of producers. People like Jackson, Para One, or Joakim have this transversal vision among us.

Pirating music has become extremely popular, easy and common; where do you two stand on the issue? Why?
We do pirate a lot and we do buy music a lot, the sum of both behaviours must be positive. Everyone adapts to this, and everyone will find a profit to continue to sell, buy and play music.

How did your meeting go with the Kitsuné label?
It was a great moment, we first met Gildas, the CEO of Kitsuné, and we have binded a real friendship with him. It’s a very open minded label. They find us at the beginning of the MySpace era.

Large mainstream music festivals have become entranced with EDM, how do you think this has affected the scene?
We experienced this in Australia as we played at the Big Day Out Festival among big american EDM guys. We didn’t hear really attractive things to be honnest. Tracks played by those DJs sound to be as regular as clockwork in order to get an efficient and forecastable reaction of the crowd. Tracks were easily commutable as a « Friends » episodes where the audience can read « Applause » at the end of each jokes. Same things with the « where is the drop » phenomena. There is a lot of kind musics even for people who don’t like music too.

We’re sure a lot of young producers out there would like to know how you approach making a song. Would you mind discussing some technical aspects of your production?

yeah! we basically create beats with our TR-808 drummachines, as we don’t want to spend to many times to find THE kick in an ten thousand boring library sounds…then we turn all the buttons of our synths to find something we want to hear at this particular moment. When we feel a cool loop with other arrangments, we search for a second phase to be an alternative of the track and mix the whole. We are always searching for new combinations with the tracks we have, by mixing phases we find other leads. The other part of the time is dedicated to the production with sound engineer requirements.

What was the best show you have ever played? Why?
Japan at the club Vision, the soundsystem is perfect, the crowd is the best we met. Australia tour was cool too and we do have a lot of cool parties too in Paris.

If you could choose to remix any song in history of music, which one would that be? If you could hand out the remixing duties for a song of yours to any artist, living or dead, who would that be?
It’s not a definitive answer as it’s more our song of the moments, but Deux – Game and Performance must be so cool to rework. We would ask The Beatles to rework our songs, add some cool voices and melodies, we are sure it could done a good song at the end. Those guys’re cray!

You have released several tracks for the past few months. What are your next projects? The making of a mini album?
We are working on several tracks, we don’t really know if they will finish on our album, because we do really love the EP format. Maybe new remixes and new musics on Kitsuné for sure.

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Thanks to support us and live away from your keyboards go buy an ice cream.