We must say it’s a pleasure to get the chance to put a few of our questions, so we’ll start off by thanking you for taking the time out to answer them!


Thanks to Tove Lo

Thierry Jaussaud

When did you first start making music and how long did it take you to develop the sound that you have now?
I’ve always written lyrics but never showed it to people. I’ve been writing my own songs like this for about 2 years but I would say that it has taken all my life to find this sound haha. With all the help from my production team The Struts.

Pop music has moved towards a taste for electronically-driven pop and synthesisers. Do you think this is a positive step and are you thriving from this trend?
I love playing with a band and I also love mixing the elements of electronic and organic/acoustic. I think it’s amazing what we can do with all these new sounds so I say embrace it! There are no rules!

What drives the song-writing experience for you? Is there any kind of writing routine that you follow?
It’s different every time actually but most of the time I have a story I need to get out and so I scribble down a few frases I start with and write the music around that.

Do you have any major influences that can be heard on your new single « Habits », contemporary or from the past?
Besides the actual person it’s about haha! honestly there’s not really any musical inspiration I had in mind at the time.. I get inspired by great voices with some pain behind them.. Amy Winehouse, Jeff Buckley, Mikki Ekko..

How do you feel about the current age of the blogosphere and bloggers alike? They must really benefit you in a sense that your music is being put out there to the masses.
I LOVE THE BLOGGERS!! I’m way too slow to keep up haha, I’m stressing out about twitter and all that but I would never have gotten the attention without the blogs and tweets. So thank you

If you weren’t making music then what would you be doing?
I.. I don’t know. Nothing and go mad

So when you were a child was that the kind of thing you wanted to grow up to be?
I wanted to be either a secret detective or this haha

What’s your ultimate plan for world domination?
Oooh the world domination! I’m gonna keep on writing music that reachers hearts and minds and then I wanna play live all over the whole wide world all the time for the rest of my life!! Or til I’m 40.. then I’ll be crazy enough

Finally, what have you got lined up after the release of Habits?
Exciting things are happening! I can say for sure more songs coming out and gig’s coming up. I’m so amped!!