The French band Juveniles release their new EP “STRANGERS”! The song is produced by Yuksek.
Fed with the 80s Mancunian scene, Juveniles sounds a bit as if « Metronomy had swallowed New Order !».

Available on iTunes : bit.ly/MaxiStrangers


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Thierry Jaussaud

Can you tell us about how you met and how you made up Juveniles?
We’ve always played in various bands, knew the same people. Actually Thibaut was in a dance-punk band with Pierre my ex-flatmate I started Juveniles with. Pierre quit when things got serious, it’s just the two of us now.

What makes your duet work?


What were you doing before Juveniles ?
Random studies, I’ve always wanted to make music. Thibaut was like an environment official.

You often collaborate with Kitsuné, what does this label represent for you?
Gildas heard Juveniles via Yelle’s Jean François Perrier, they have been of huge assistance when we started the band. They released our first two singles, it gave us a great exposure. It’ll always be our starter label, a very classy one.

Strangers was produced by Yuksek, How did this happen ?
A few month ago he did a remix for « Through The Night » on our EP, after that we met a few times talking about producing our first album and he accepted. It was really exciting for us to work with him.

You released 4 EPs, is the songwriting of an album the next step for you?
Eps are a good way of getting the name out, but yes we’ve always had the album in mind. I spent most of the last six months between my hometown and Yuksek’s studio, we’ve just finished recording and mixing it. It’s gonna be released in June.

As a matter of fact, what are you listening to at the moment?
It’s a strange mix of all time classics, recent synthpop acts and hip hop. Oh and Rhye, you gotta love Rhye, their videos are great too.

At the moment the trend is having artists from the electro scene to take part in movie soundtracks. Have you ever been approached to take part to this kind of project? Which genre of movie would you like to make the soundtrack of?
Like M83 scoring Oblivion ? Yeah I’d definitely be up for it, lot of work though… A horror movie would be perfect, zombies if possible. Big fan of old Romero fxs.

Some genious offers you to fulfill one wish, and to take part to your dream festival. Which one would it be?
Hard to pick just one… I’d go for Lollapalooza ,we’ve never been to the US

To conclude with, where are you answering our interview questions from?
My studio in Rennes.

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Check out our friends The Popopopops’ first LP « Swell », great indie-rock record !