Features is the most outstanding release of Kris Menace to date, whose prodigious influence on contemporary electronic music is well documented, with Kris becoming one of the highly respected producers & busiest remixers in recent years, working for LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, Metronomy, Royksopp, Air, Underworld, Moby, Benni Benassi, Martin Solveig, Aeroplane, Pnau, Paul Weller, Kylie Minogue and Lana Del Rey, just to name a few. Kris works have been signed to some of the most influential labels in the world and have in turn become treasures of the world’s electronic dance community for both fans and pioneers alike.

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Hi Kris, how’s life? What have you been up to lately?
New album, lots of new videos, lots of new singles and remixes. Always working on a lot of different projects, so I can’t complain 😉

What made you want to start making music? Did your upbringing and family have a big influence on why you decided to make music? Has music always been your main job and only way to make money?
My father was a record collecter and my sister a raver who introduced me to Techno at an early age. My mum is more classical orientated. Music has always been the main part of my life. I worked as a promoter back in the day for a company and realised it was not what I wanted to do. I always made music and it came to the point where I decided to do that as my main job.

Can you reveal a tip of how you work in the studio?
I just turn on the machines and play around. I mostly come up with something very quick, I also try not to work for too long on something. A great track is when it has a special magic
which is mostly when I finish a track within a few hours. I mainly combine the analog and digital world as I still like to have something organic in my sound which a computer could never do.

Last year you released the album Features. First, I only downloaded one or two titles. But when I listened to the other excerpts, I downloaded the rest of it in the end. It’s really an excellent album ! There are artists such as The Presets, Miss Kittin, Robert Ownes. When you started thinking on this project, did you have any other artists in mind?
Thank you so much! i started to work on features a few years ago. my manager at the time wasnt too convinced about the idea but i always do what my head and my heart tells me.
I had a list of artists I wanted to work with and I was very lucky that most of them had the time to be on board! the coordination was a big problem and when it was released, I was so burned out, that i even forgot to announce the album 😉

You have already worked with Alan Braxe, Felix Da Housecat, Lifelike, Rex the Dog but also as a remixer for Depeche Mode, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Royksopp and Metronomy. What do you prefer : create your own tracks or remix others’s tunes?
I really like both sides. with remixes you are limited to parts from other producers and there is a whole bunch of people who need to agree to my remix which is a nice little challange.
Producing tracks on my own totally changed after my last album ‘features’. I really try to feel and catch a certain moment and just do what I like. I got some other great things coming out
till the end of they year and really looking forward to that.

Do you have any remixes in the pipeline that we can expect to hear anytime soon?
I did some remixes, but I never know if I´m allowed to say whats coming or not. I did a remix for duvchi which will come out soon I think.

There is a track that has just been put online, a title recorded with Little boots : Crescendo. Can you tell us a bit more about this title?
Oh really, wow I did that remix like ages ago… I have not even been aware that it didnt had been released. this might be 2 years old…

What music outside the electronic spectrum do you listen to? Any artists or bands you can recommend?
I try to avoid listening to too much things. I really live in my own world and except the music friends or my girlfriend do send me. I dont know anything really.

How do you see yourself develop as an artist over the past few years? What are your goals and wishes?
I´m not interested into the music biz anymore. I think all this hype shit and whatsoever is so boring. I really think that with my next album everything will change. I have nothing to do with the french touch scene, tho people do still associate me with. I think i´m far away from beeing a pure club music producer and found now what I was always looking for and what I would discribe as my very own sound. I also dj totally different nowadays. I took a stop from all this dj madness to find myself in all this hype shit world. Whenever I listen to the tracks of the next kris menace album I have ghoosebumps, even after a thousend times of listening.

To conclude, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers that we haven’t covered yet? Anything goes!
Maybe you want to check out some of my side projects like « we are are we » or « black van » or even « stars on 33 » where i will release an album soon!