Yelle is a French band founded by lead singer and namesake Yelle « Julie Budet » and GrandMarnier « Jean-François Perrier ». A third member, Tepr « Tanguy Destable », joined the band before the recording of its debut album.

As hypnotic as poetic, Yelle‘s new single “L’Amour Parfait” was produced by GrandMarnier and Aeroplane and testifies of a new romantic flow we easily get into! Out now on KItsuné

Julie has accepted to answer some of our questions.

L’Amour Parfait Remixes EP

Thanks to Julie Budet

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Laurence and Viviane / kitsuné


Ben Taylor and David Ynluam / Thierry Jaussaud

Hello Julie, How are You?
Great thank you! Hibernating + writing new songs!

It’s been two years since you released Safari Disco Club which saw, once again, another progression artistically. ‘Future pop’ perhaps? How do you feel you’ve moved forward with the new material?
Still have that wish to make new pop songs in a modern and free mood, always looking for a new way to create them. It’s very exciting, I feel like we can do whatever we want, as soon as it is us, it’s all good to me!

Since « La musique » the level of electronic, disco experimentation feels much stronger than ever before – could you tell me a bit about how you arrived at this sound from your much more pop driven breakthrough in 2006?
For example « La musique » was a collaboration with Siriusmo, a producer from Berlin. Collaborations are a good way to open new doors, especially when you are a big fan of collaborator’s music, when his music « speaks » to you. And the evolution is natural anyway, we feel « stronger » each time, progressing.

Your just recently released new title « L’amour Parfait » highlights a last but not least collaboration with Aeroplane? How did you come up with the idea of working with him?
Actually GrandMarnier (the main producer / song writer of Yelle) was a bit locked with that song he did two years ago. He had a chat with our friend Vito (Aeroplane) and from that chat they decided to collab on the song, cause Vito liked it a lot and it was the good timing. So we spent 3 days in Brussels, in his studio, and managed to finish and be happy of « L’amour parfait », finally!

To you, does L’amour Parfait exist?
Well, I could say yes today… But there is, as always, a double sens in the lyrics. It’s like « when love goes, when love is (too) perfect ». You have to keep that passion, and passion does not mean perfection right?

With the release of « L’amour Parfait » and an upcoming album due later this year, what can we expect from you visually?
Don’t know yet… We don’t decide of it before the album is done. Even for « Safari Disco Club », people thought it was a « concept » album but no, the visual ideas come after all, when the album gives his mood to us!

Who has come up with the idea of the new single’s cover?
GrandMarnier had this idea first and then there was an evolution with me, and Grégoire Alexandre, the photographer… And the birds! Which decided to do that cool trick! Plus it’s a collaboration with Kitsuné and Petit Bateau so the match is cool. It’s about leaving the reality, going for a trip on the Ocean, and the love symbolised by the white birds.

Aesthetically speaking, Safari Disco Club (particularly with Comme Un Enfant) saw you experimenting with fashion more than you had previously, opting for designs by Jean-Paul Lespagnard that played with the architecture and shape, prints and theme. Why him and how does his work represent you?
He is a great friend, he is clever, crazy, fun, talented, free, pop, he has everything I love, and we are from the same generation, I think we just understand each other, it’s all natural.

As a creative, when do you feel most frustrated?
When ideas are too much expensive and you just CAN’T make them happen!

Over the years, you have collaborated with numerous artists/photographers/ musicians etc. Why is the collaborative process important for you? (not just fashion)
Again, collaboration is that moment when you open doors and taking fresh air, and it’s the same thing for the people you collaborate with, it’s a cool trade. You can’t leave alone! Human are not done for that!

What would you hate Yelle to be associated with?
I don’t know, politics maybe.

You are well known globally, you opened a few shows for Katy Perry in 2011 in U.K, how do you view your career in France?
I don’t really view my career locally, it’s really about the World and that’s what I love. When we tour, we go everywhere, it’s insane, feeling like being in a giant Recreation Center. France is part of the Center, the funny thing is people actually do sing the real lyrics!

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Enjoy your life and thanks for supporting us! Come and see us live when we are around!