These two are no strangers to Kitsuné. Pyramid, on the one hand has made a name for himself after making a sensational remix of Heartsrevolution’s « Teardrops » and producing a couple of electro nuggets. On the other hand, Crayon has also earned his stripes thanks to a handful of dancey remixes, including one particularly funky rework of Peter & The Magician’s « Memory ».

But « unity makes strength » as they say so the two producers, who also joined the Kitsuné Kitsuné Club night roster, decided to team up and make a big splash with their first proper release on the French label.

Made in quite an original fashion,! the ep includes two ambitious and powerful collaborations « So Far Gone » and « Utopia », and two of their own productions which are also on Kitsuné Parisien 3: Pyramid’s speed up and funky « Wolf » and Crayon’s clubby and sexy « Cosma ». And to close the loop, they remixed each other’s self-productions, making their complementarity even more perfect.

Website : http://www.kitsune.fr/

Thanks to Crayon & Pyramid


à Viviane / Kitsuné


by Thierry Jaussaud / Valencia Ehrhart

Hello Guys How are You?
Think we’re both pretty tired considering it’s Monday But despite that, we’re both pretty excited and stressed about the release !

Both of you usually produce alone, how did this collaboration come about?
It was more fun since we got to work side to side, so the writing process was much more like a band would do, each of us jamming with a specific instrument until we came up with something that sounded good. We both have a specific approach on music making so that was really interesting to mix our both approaches to make something unified.

What can you tell us about your EP ‘So Far Gone’?
We might release a videoclip with Japan clips we shot when we were there on So Far Gone track soon but nothing sure for the moment.

Another fact is that we had a very short lapse of time to make it so we kinda worked our asses of !

Who came up with the idea of bringing you together to workon this EP?
Kitsuné forced us despite mutual hate… and it was really hard ’cause we both really hate each other so much that we love that.

You have remixed titles for the Kitsuné label, will writing and producing tunes for artists be the next step forward?
LC: Something I’ve been wanting to do since I’ve started since project, so yes hopefully I will get a chance soon.
P. : I’d love to, this is one of the next step I’ll like to try, it’s another way of challenge, producing a track and making a remix are already 2 different things, and making a track for someone is also a new one that I never experienced.

Will each one of you carry on doing their own stuff? Any solo projects to come?

Yes definitely, that was the whole point of keeping our stage names rather than making it a whole new project. We have plenty of remixes to come, and are both working on our own originals as well.
This EP was something truely new, ’cause our project is less than a duo but more than a collaboration, hard to explain but yes, we’re bothing working on solo projects but we still have CxP project in mind too.

Both of you are to celebrate the release of So Far Gone during a Kitsuné Club Night party at Wanderlust. You have invited Yuksek on this occasion. Do you have any projects with him?
Can’t say much for now 😉

Did you ever imagine when you started making music, that one day, it would be your real job?
I don’t think so, although to be honest I think it’s something we both always wanted… But as I’m living with music, Pyramid is still a student, finishing his last year of advertising school and then, next year, he’ll try to make music his life.

Do you listen to electronic music at home?
Sure! We do have very broad tastes but at the end of the day, we’re electronic music makers and hence lovers. But we listen a bunch of other genres too, we’re both lovers of
70’s pop like Supertramp or Pink Floyd

What’s your ambition as you compose a track : make people dance?
Definitly not, we do play it in clubs but we’re always looking for a specific atmosphere, and mood. The groove is what makes you dance but we’re not so focused on making music for the club and all. We’re more about feelings and emotions than dance.

Are you already thinking of working on a second EP?
I think so yes, but our own this time ! But who knows, we might try another collaboration, depend of how we’ll both evolve.

What advice would you give to any up and coming producers today?
Just stick to making what you’re into.

With what words would you like this interview to end?