The Amplifetes are a 4-piece band from Sweden. They have worked with such names as Kelis, Madonna, Grandmaster Flash, Miike Snow and more. Starting in the music industry as producers, all four were accomplished songwriters and musicians who came together in 2008 to create their own music. The Amplifetes cite a dreamy list of influences: 60s Psychedelia, The Electric Light Orchestra, The Ramones, Elvis Costello, David Bowie and Chicago Trax Records.


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Michele / Believe


Thierry Jaussaud


Jerome Bauer

Hello Guys, How are you?
Very well thanks, feels awesome to be back in France

You have a new LP ‘Where is The Light’. How does it differ from the first album ? Can you tell us of something particular you encountered during songwriting for this album ?
From a sonical point of view this album was created on a strict dogmatic regime that only analogue gear were to be used in the process. It was def the hardest and most expensive way, but also the most interesting process compared to how our debutalbum came about. This time around being in the secluded northern woods of Sweden, all the sounds and elements from that environment fuelled the writing process, and of course having Pink Floyd’s old mixing console did help out.

How are the songs put together? Are they « written » first, with melody and lyrics, or is the arrangement part of the writing process, finding sounds and samples etc…?
Well, different story for different songs. The only thing we always strive for is to make music in new ways. It’s a challenging way of doing things but it keeps us on our toes .

You are back in Paris to promote your new album live, so what is the first thing you remember about France now ?
The love for culture, big difference in approach compared to Sweden.

How meaningful is France to you ?
The Amplifetes career started in France, so for us it feels like a second home.

Let’s get back to you and the new album, If Where is a light were a movie or a combination of movies what would it be?
Good question, a mash up of movies like : Europa, Heart of Darkness, The Third Man, Tron.

If The Amplifetes existed in any of the the three previous decades, which one do you think would suit best your mood and inspiration ?
he 1970’s for sure. The decade of decadence, glamrock, punk and featherboa’s

TEEZ’FM is pop. How meaningful is pop to you, and is there a pop artist you wish you collaborated with ?
Well, being brought up in Sweden, popmusic was fed through our mother’s breasts throughout our childhood, so you can safely say that it is part of our staplediet.

Now if The Amplifetes ended any time soon, what would you guys do ?
Join the Pope and withdrawl to a monastery.

Three reasons to love Where is The Light?

– The music

– The passion

– the journey

Three words to describe it?
Forest, Space, Dance

What do you have in store during the next couple of weeks for The Amplifetes ?

Rehersal, gigging and shooting a video for our next single