As a kid A.N.D.Y. a.k.a. Andy Faisca didn’t have to think what he would like to be when he grew up… Music was and is the answer! From a very early age this multi-instrumentalist was writing and making his own music. With a background of 70’s and 80’s disco, pop, hip hop and rock music Andy is a fanatic of all things past, turning them into music for the future. His love for the past is reflected in an almost religious use of old analogue gear, but also a general love for vintage stuff. At age 17 Andy discovered electronic music and started DJ’ing. He soon landed a residency at Brussels’ infamous Libertine Supersport club and his quest for a vintage personal sound hasn’t stopped since.

His first project called Mustang was born in 2009 with a debut E.P. on Gomma Recordings called ‘Chameleon Circus’. Prestigious remix assignments soon followed for Vitalic, Poni Hoax, Monarchy and many others. Recently he released the killer single ‘Shooting Love’ on Different Recordings, which has been remixed by Canadian house sensation Jeremy Glenn and by Black Strobe. Beginning of this year, he decided to start his proper solo project under his own name A.N.D.Y. . He started with some remixes for Jupiter, Supermen Lovers and Mike Mago, and released his first proper EP. Featuring R&B singer Nyemiah Supreme. Hip House revisited!

For 2013 A.N.D.Y. plans loads of releases and remixes, because Andy is on a mission, a vintage mission aimed at the future!


Thanks to Andy Faisca

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Dirk / Smile Recordings

Interview by Thierry Jaussaud

Who is ANDY?
My name is Andy Faisca, I’m 26 year old. I come from the country of Chocolate and Beers, Belgium.

Describe the sound of ANDY…
It’s all about what i love in different genre of music from the past.
I try to take the best from every style, playing them on a modern and danceable way
and to give my own vision of how it need to sounds.

Where are you from originally ? Where are you based now ?

My father comes from a little village in south Portugal called Aljustrel and my mother from north part of Spain, Asturias.
I’m born in Brussels, city where I always leaved.

How/when did you first begin making music ?
I started very young as Bass and keyboard player in different Pop / Rock bands.
My dreams were to get a band, releasing albums, touring the world.
At 17 years old, one of my best friends was Djing and studying Sound Engineer.
He learn me about using softwares and recording my own music. From that day i completely changed my mind. I became obsessed by composing all by myself, changing the structure of the sound and write my own melodies. Since I never stopped.

Which current artists/records do you really love ?
Artists :

Duke Dumont
Club Cheval
Waze & Odyssey

Label :

Smile Recordings
Mad Decent

What, for you, is the most important thing about music ?
Music it’s all about the feeling. Your moods will always depend of what kind of music you want to listen to, right ? Well it’s the same when you’re making music.
The most important is to make what do you feel, what makes you dancing.

Your first single is just out. Any forthcoming releases/remixes in the pipeline ?
My second single is already finished and scheduled to be released around March.
It’s different from usual..
I had the chance to work with the young talented rapper Dominique Young Unique, so it was the opportunity for me to make a rap song as i’m listening to a lot of this music, i’m very excited !
Then, some remixes are coming for artistes like Voltron on Smile Recordings & Malente on NoBrainer Recordings.

What were the first records that really made you go, « WOW » ?
« Bad » from Michael Jackson
« Il Viliero » from Lucio Battisti
« Around the world » from Daft Punk.

What’s the hot, new track of the moment?
Duke Dumont – The Giver

Word association time. When I say a name, you say the first word that pops in your head. Okay?

Blue Monday > Reality

The Magician > Happiness

The 90s > The Prince of Bel Air ( i know it’s more than one word : )

Paris > Hype

With what words would you like this interview to end?
Wish you all the best for 2013 !