Gold Fields’ debut album Black Sun is armed with pop hooks, tribal beats, danceable rhythms, and plenty of emotion. With a larger-than-life live show, the the Australian quintet has already shared stages with acts like Crystal Castles, Metric, Pnau and SBTRKT.

The Album will be release Feb. 26 in US & Canada and March 8 in Australia & NZ


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How are you today? Where are you answering our interview questions from?
I’m good thank you! Its the 1st day of 2013. I’m in Melbourne battling a hangover. We just returned from America about 2 weeks ago, so it’s great to be back home with our friends and family enjoying the Australian summer.

What is the first song you put on when you wake up?
To be honest I don’t usually listen to music in the morning. Its the only time in the day for me when I have chance to reflect in silence and have a good think about what I want to do for the rest of the day. Usually battling an endless supply of work, so I try to keep my mind clear and focused on the task at hand. I usually put something a bit upbeat on later in the day, to keep me going. Chemical Brothers maybe. I’ve actually been trying to listen to music more since we finished our album. There was a time were I found myself not wanting to listen to music all the time. I guess when it becomes such a huge part of your life you can choose to ignore it in the little time you have off! But I have rekindled my love for new music now, so maybe I will start waking up to it again.

For people out there that have never heard of you. Give us three reasons why they should…..
There aren’t any simple reasons why someone should listen to our music. I don’t want to preach about how we are this and that. Simply listen to our music and if you like it, thats great.

When did you start making music?
Gold Fields started at the end of 2010. But everyone started writing for this project around 10 months before we got together as a band. Vin (Guitar) & Mark (Vocals) just left a band and started writing their own material, Ryan (Drums) was looking for a new project to join & Rob (Keys/Percussion) and I (Bass) had never been in a band before. But it all came together pretty easy, I think we were all looking for something new to do in ours lives and we got just that. We demo’d 6 tracks in a bungalow out the back of Vins parents house, then everything started from there. One of the demos actually ended up being our first single Treehouse which we released in the UK through a label called Young & The Lost Club.

I really loved your single at first listen. It is really what you feel like listening to at the moment. It is pop, it is fresh. Is there any plan of digital release in Europe?
That track you are referring to is called Dark Again. The song came together in a weird way. Mark had written vocals/melodies for another artist to remix, when he showed us we wanted to keep it for ourselves. So we matched it with a song that we had half written and it worked out perfectly. Its just one of those magical coincidences that can happen whilst writing songs where things seem to fit perfectly into one another and there is no flow broken from merging of two pieces of music. We are hoping to have a release in Europe some time this year. Our album « Black Sun » is coming out soon in the US and Australia, so a Europe release will come soon for that as well. Hopefully some time in the next year we can set up a tour over there, as we would love to go!

In terms of collaborating who would be the ultimate?
We are big fans of Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun/Sleepy Jacksons). We find his writing and production really fresh and futuristic. He would be an interesting person to spend time with in the studio to see how he puts a track together and how he pulls sounds. EOTS debut record is one of our favorite Australian albums to date. We also admire the other half of EOTS, Nick Littlemore (also from PNAU), who we have had the pleasure of playing some shows with.

We’ve been experiencing a bit of an “Australian Invasion” with Cut Copy, The Presets, Architecture in Helsinki, Pnau, Van She, you guys, and others. Do you see that as a good or bad thing?
We are fans of all the acts you mentioned. So its great to be mentioned in the same sentence! Australian bands have been going really well on a International scale, so I guess thats great for us. I think bands like you have mentioned have also given us something to aim towards. Knowing that you can get out of Australia and make yourself known in other countries.

Do you make music that you want to sound a certain way, or feel a certain way?
While making music in the studio and then adapting it to a live performance we keep in mind both aspects. We are perfectionists when it comes to writing and recording. All five of us have our say in the sound, so it can be a drawn out process, but in the end it works out all good. We all have different ideas in our head what we want certain tracks to sound like, seeing as we all have a different range of influences from hip hop to dance and so on. So we usually brainstorm and we are usually all happy with the final product.

When it comes to our live show, Gold Fields basically started so that we could play at festivals and makes crowds of people feel are certain way. Festivals to us are such a celebration of music, passion and life. A chance to let go and to focus on one thing, having fun! We just played a festival over the New Years lead up, we had around 1500 people packed in a tent with their hands in the air, dancing and singing our songs. I guess it is that feeling we chase.

If you weren’t making music, what do you think you’d be doing?
If Gold Fields never formed I’d probably be still working random jobs here and there. I’ve done everything from trades to retail to university courses that I never finished. I never really had an idea for my future and the band came at a good time in my life, as it gave me something to focus on and work hard at. I would hope that I would be still doing something in the music industry if I wasn’t doing this.

What can we wish you for 2013. Some small tour plans?
Our album Black Sun is released at the start of this year. So we are going to tour as much as we can in 2013. We are heading back to America in a couple of weeks to get back in the van and visit as many cities as possible. We just wish our van will hold up on another big tour.

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Bonjour. Hopefully see you soon.

Gold Fields – Dark Again from Revel Pictures on Vimeo.