After his EP ‘Love For Sale’ featuring Monarchy, some stunning remixes for His Majesty Andre, Sebastien Tellier, Housse De Racket amongts others, Mickey is back with a rework of a Dutch classic called ‘Weekend’. This time he collaborates with Belgian talented girl to watch called Sylvie ‘Billie’ Kreusch.


Thanks to Mickaël & Dirk (Smile)


Stéphane Viard


Thierry Jaussaud

Hello Mickey, How are You?
Fine ,just finished a fantastic recording session yesterday with a great gig at Libertine Supersport (Belgiums best party) on top, so it couldn’t be better.

Tell us something about yourself. Who are you, where are you from and how did u get into music business?
What can I say , I’m a kind of new comer on the music scene and I’m born in france but raised in Brussels , I started as a producer around my 14 on fruity Loops than I began as a dj in the Electro underground scene , that’s really how my taste has been shaped.

After many rave party and squat party I’ve been chosen to join the residents dj of one of the legendary club of the capital alongside Stephen (Aeroplane,Magician), Compuphonic & Cosy Mozzy which it was very decisive for me, I learned a lot, I met some inspiring and helpful characters who brings me where I am now, I mean making and leaving for my passion.

How did you come up with the name ‘Mickey’?
Someone choose it for me when I came up resident dj at dirty dancing because I couldn’t find one and they had to filled the program with something, by now everybody call me like that and maybe its because my name is Mickaël.

Can you describe your music style?
I don’t really have a music style, I think we’ve all learned to know how becomes our own thrill and I try to generate this through any kind of way.

But obviously it’s based on an electronic way because it’s a fair way to make his own music from A to Z, soundwise, composing, Instruments etc

You’ve been collaborating with Monarchy. How did this happen ?
I heard a song of them and I was pretty keen to work with a powerful and sensitive voice like their singer to make a proper pop song, so I send them a demo and we set this up by mail and skype session.

Actually, I never met them in person !

Is there any artist that you would love to collaborate on some future projects?
Many, I always said that i want to collaborate one some day with Julian casablancas but David Byrne, Morrissey or terrence trent d’arby are invited too 😉

How do you go about finding new music? Who are some of the artists we should definitely keep an eye/ear out for?
Blogs,Soundcloud and Mixtapes becomes the greatest vector for Music diggers … I’m a fan of Isaac Tichauer

The whole disco house/electro pop movement seems to be making a come back at the moment, why do you think that is?
It’s just an evolution of styles which was evolution of some styles before , I guess it’s the way it goes

What is your favourite musical decade? and What’s your favorite track ever, and why?
70’s, Andmoreagain from Love is the one i have in mind now, admit that the question is quiet though 😉

Where are you answering our interview questions from?
In my new Flat with my fresh room mate who’s next to me reading a comics stoled in my bed room.

When is your first album or EP coming out and where can the people find your music now?
I keep making some EPs and collaboration so no album now but i have a lot of demo that I collecting to a possible album…

Most of my music is on my Soundcloud, Beatport, JunoDownload, iTunes, Spotify

With what words would you like this interview to end?
A la prochaine