Saint Saviour is a singer and songwriter from Teeside in the North East of England. She started out in electro band The RGBs before going on to front Groove Armada and co-writing their album Black Light.

Her debut album ‘Union’ is out Now ! Saint Saviour accepted to answer some of our questions

Hello Saint Saviour, before we start this interview, let me tell you how much I’m in love with your album. Which is, to me, one of the best of the year by far.
Thanks so much!

So let’s begin, for the ones who don’t know you yet, who is Saint Saviour?
Saint Saviour is a girl living in London, making beats, sounds and songs in a tiny room in her house and putting them on the internet.

I have known you on Groove Armada’s last album’s featurings. How did you guys meet?

We met at Lovebox festival in London and they saw me play with my old band. They got in touch because they were looking for someone who could write.

On your deluxe album, there are bonus tracks, covers which are, to me, as good as the original ones not to say better. I’m thinking of Midnight City by M83 that is just gorgeous. By the way, have you had any feedback from Anthony (the band singer) ?
Excellent, glad you like it! No he hasn’t said anything about it. I tweeted them a few times but they didnt reply.

On your Soundcloud, many covers that are not available on the album can be heard. Do you plan to release them in digital soon?
No. They are just for fun – you can download them anyway.

What is the first vinyl you have ever bought, if you can remember of course?
Well I never bought vinyl when I was young because of CD’s but I wore out my mum’s ‘Night at the Opera’ vinyl by Queen by staging regular dramatic performances of it in my living room when I was little.

Can you tell us of something peculiar you encountered during songwriting for this album ?
Well I had to build a studio in my house but I ran out of money before we could get it air conditioning inside it so I recorded most of it semi naked – to make things worse my studio chair is leather 🙁

Do you feel that there are outstanding tracks, classic pop moments or other songs you feel more particularly proud of ?
I really love my second single ‘Tightrope’ because I think it’s a well crafted old-fashioned pop song. I also love Mercy and This Aint no Hymn because they are both quite ethereal and moody. I’m also very proud of ‘Fight’ but I am less happy with how the arrangement turned out.

After Union was out, have you been approached by artists to write new songs?
I’ve been writing a lot of toplines for people but I can’t say much about that!

On the other hand, who would you like to write one or two tracks for?
So many people! I love Chase and Status, Mount Kimbie, Odd future, Rudimental, St Lucia, Charli XCX, Ellie Goulding. I like good pop and heavy electronic music.

You’re currently touring England, are there any dates set for Europe?
No unfortunately we dont have plans to come back to Europe at present. I’m open to offers though! We played in Paris in july and it was great 🙂

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Namaste, keep it lively.

Thanks to Saint Saviour
Merci à Tommy Heap
Interview by Thierry Jaussaud / (Trad : Valencia Ehrhart)