Florrie is a drummer, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Florrie’s has released 3 EPs. ‘Introduction’ was released free to download in November 2010. Her second, six-track EP ‘Experiments’ was released in June 2011, and the 4-track ‘Late’, released in June 2012. Both ‘Experiments’ and the ‘Late’ were released independently, and charted on iTunes around the world.

Florrie will perform a concert in La Maroquinerie (Paris) on 10 November. Here is the link to buy tickets for the gig: http://www.lamaroquinerie.fr/2012/11/10/FLORRIE/

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Florrie accepted to answer some of our questions :

Hello Florrie, how are you? Can you let us know where you are answering our questions from?
Hello! I’m good thank you. I’ve been really busy writing, but am taking half an hour out to answer your questions! Right now I am sat on the sofa in the main room at the studio where I record, Xenomania, in Kent. It’s raining outside, and its quite quiet here today because there are a lot of vocal sessions going on up in the London studio.

Your very young career has been highlighted by two encounters, one with Brian Higgins and one with Fred Falke, can you tell us how those two happened?
Well before I met both of them, I was living in London and playing with lots of different of different bands as a session drummer. I moved to London when I was 17 and played hundreds of gigs over the two years I was there. I met Brian Higgins in July 2008. I had just left the band I was in because things weren’t really working out, and two days later I got a phone call from somebody who I’d met the summer before in a lawyers office! She remembered I had said I was a drummer and she said she had a friend called Brian who was looking for a drummer for his studio house band. I went to meet him and auditioned with the other guys in the house band and he offered me the job. I auditioned on the Friday and started full time at the studio on the Monday! I met Fred Falke through working with Brian. He had been to the studio before to write…he’s an amazing DJ but he’s also an amazing bass player and songwriter too.

Your 3rd EP was out last summer, is there any further album planned, to be made out of those 3 EP? or rather a standard album with new tracks?
I’ve been writing non-stop for the last 3 years and I wanted to put out EPs to get my music out there and to build up a fan base of people who like my music all over the world, but long term I’ve always been aiming towards writing a full album. Most of the album will be brand new tracks, but I would like to put a few of the EP tracks on there too. I’d like to re-work some of them and experiment with the music. I’m so excited for everyone to hear the new ones though. I think my writing is getting better and better and they’re definitely a step up from the EP tracks.

I love the tune « Shot you Down », the chorus quickly sticks in your head. Just out of curiosity, is there a story behind this title?
It’s about the conflict of emotions you feel when you end a relationship with someone on your own terms. You know it’s what you want and it’s the right thing to do, so you feel a mixture of elation that its over and then guilt about hurting the other person.

In November, you’ll be back in Paris for a gig at La Maroquinnerie. You already visited us in May 2011. That was actually the first time you had been in our capital city?
I’ve been to Paris lots of times, I love it! And I’d really like to live there one day. I have a lot of fans in Paris and the last La Maroquinnerie show was one of my favourite ever gigs!

If I say Paris, what comes up in your mind mostly?
Walking in the dark in winter around the Pantheon, going to Hotel Costes for dinner as a treat, shopping in Colette, running in the mornings around Jardin de Tuillerie. Lots of things!

Let’s get back to music, you’re entering a period of time where the music industry has completely changed. The CD has been disappearing. Big labels may be more demanding with new artists. Nowadays, do you think it’s better to self-produce (and to be able to release your records as you like?) or to be signed to a big major?
I think both have their advantages. It costs money to stay independent, and I’ve been lucky to have earned enough through my digital sales and working with some fashion brands (Nina Ricci, Prada) to stay independent for 3 years. I’ve had the time to experiment with my sound, get out gigging to perfect my live show, and build a fanbase. All of these things are really important to me as I want to have a long career in music and not rush into anything. I’ve been playing drums since I was 7 and music has always been a huge part of my life, so I want to get this right. I feel like now is the right time to sign to a major label though and get that extra push to enable more people to hear my music.

You’re songwriting and composing your own titles, do you feel like working for others? If so, do you have any particular artist in mind?
At the moment I’m concentrating on my own stuff. If there is writing that needs doing at the studio I’ll help out, but it’s mainly my own stuff. It’s a different feeling writing for other people, in a way more liberating because I’m very critical of my own stuff!

Here are 3 girl bands who highlighted 3 different decades : Bananarama, The Spice Girls et The Girls Aloud. If you had to pick one, which girl band would you have pictured yourself in?
The Spice Girls!! I loved them when I was little…I still do! My dad always used to say I could’ve been Drummer Spice!

If I grab your mp3 player, what will I find in it?

At the moment I’m really liking a guy called Tom Odell « Another Love », and Azealia Banks « 212 » and Ellie Goulding « Anything Could Happen ». I’m also listening to some classical stuff at the minute, Chopin: Nocturnes. I like listening to lots of different stuff. When I find a song I love, I’ll play it hundreds of times until I get sick of it, then I’ll move to another one!

What song have you listened to this morning when you woke up? And in a related topic : what did you have for breakfast?
I had porridge for breakfast. It’s getting into winter now, or it feels like it! And I always put Radio 1 on first thing in the morning, I think the first song was Adele’s new James Bond theme song « Sky Fall ».


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