Broken Brights’ is Angus’ first solo album (in name). The self-produced fourteen-track album is proof that he can deftly shift between genres without compromising his signature sound and is proof that Angus’ compositional skills transcend the preconceptions you might have about his musical style.
In the recording process, Angus has captured memories and imaginings from his pilgrimage around the planet. What he says about going solo could easily sum up the experience of listening to ‘Broken Brights’: “It’s a whole different trip.” Album features the singles `Bird on the Buffalo` and `Broken Brights`.

Angus will perform a concert in Point Ephemere (Paris) on 10 October. Broken Brights will be out on 6 November in France

Angus accepted to answer some of our questions :

Hello Angus and thank you for answering my questions.
By the way where are you right now while answering our interview?

Iim sitting in front of my fireplace drinking a tall glass of milk with some dark sea salt chocolate about to go to bed.

How long did it take to make and how did you go about it?
Its always difficult to put it in a time capsule of how long it took to create this record because it feels like its a lifetime of work in a way..the way I went about it.. hmm I guess I scrunched up three or four bits of newspaper..built up a little house out of wood & sticks..struck a match & watched it come to life in form of a warm yellow flame.

What were the biggest influences in the writing of your album?

I think being inspired by the films I have been watching & also I have been writing my own little stories.

How many tracks did you write for the album? How do you pick the tracks that will end up on the tracklist?
I started writing them whilst on my travels so it’s hard to know exactly how many but in the end I picked a lucky 13 to go on the record… those were the ones that resonated most strongly with me at the time…

How did you choose the cover of « Happy Together » as a bonus track on the CD? Did it work well with the atmosphere of the album?
In a lot of my songs I wrote them as if they were stories. Some are created alike that of life in a dream. Happy Together is like a nice warm cup of nostalgia where everything is happy and sweet, just like a dream.

Have you always wanted to make music since you were young or were you dreaming of doing something else?
Well I guess so, dad and mum where both musicians, so it was like a a natural progression of love for music. I never really thought of music as a job but I would probably build things as I like to see things come alive from say a piece of wood.

Your sister Julia also released an album a few months ago. Did she approach you for advice while making her album? Is there any particular track that you like the most on her album?
Me and Julia always wrote separately even when we were doing our stuff together, we try to be true to ourselves in our writing so i wouldn’t even try to do that, I love all her songs she’s my big sister so she’d probably beat me up if i didn’t anyway..

As a matter of fact, have you already planned the writing of a future album?
I write as I feel and if that means it’s time for recording then I get to that at the time. I write and record all over the world so it’s like taking nice little souvenirs of my time there away with me.

Your tracks have been used many times for TV series. Have you ever been approached to write a movie soundtrack? Is there any movie which you would have liked to write the original soundtrack of?
When my songs have been used they have just fitted that certain spot, but at some stage it would be nice the other way round as I tend to write with a movie in my mind anyway.

If I say « La France ». What springs to mind ?
A pretty girl in a polka dot skirt on her way to the market.

Do you know a little about our French artists?
When I’m in france i listened to the local radios so I guess I have a bit of idea whats going on. I luckily get to go to France a lot so each time I get to know more.

Are there any french artists you would like to collaborate with?

I do like Soko. i think she’s great. I’d love to collaborate with anyone who can tell a good story and tell it well.

Will there be a tour to promote it in Europe and Australia?
I’m doing a couple of shows in europe and it’s all sold out which is cool, then back home to tour there and then the bustle of summer festival season- thats always cool times

Our last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Stay young. stay foolish. Remember to get your daily dose of calcium. I’m getting mine right now.

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Thanks to Angus
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Photo Credit : Ali Mitton

Interview by Thierry Jaussaud / Trad. : Valencia Ehrhart