Lo-Fi-Fnk is a Swedish electropop-band. They have released two EPs, We Is in 2002 and in 2005 they released …And the JFG?. In April 24, 2006 they released their first studio album, Boylife.
Since that they have toured the world, in 2008 they started working on their second album. Last Summer was released last year. The band are working on The third album. It will be out before summer next year.

The Band accepted to answer some of our questions :

Hey guys, how are you?
We’re good, like *at the top of the world* good!

I understand you two are lifelong friends. What brought you together growing up?

We met in high school. It’s hard to say what brought us together but from what we can remember the moment we really hit a spark was when we realised that we both loved Daft Punk’s homework.

How has your music changed, do you think, since your earliest releases?
We think our new work is more free, more spiritual and with more depth.

Do you write songs as a duet, or do they all come from individual experiences?
Leo is the one writing the songs and we mostly produce them together

Your second album « Last Summer » is out. Are you pleased with how the album has been received?
We are happy for just getting it out there actually. It had such a long way coming. But it’s an album which we’ll always have close to our hearts.

What were your influences during the recording of the album? What were you listening to at the time?
The songs came to us during a long period of time and the music we listened to changed a lot aswell. Some Roxy Music, Diplo, various mixtapes, Beach Boys, Abba is what we can remember.

If « Last Summer » were a movie or a combination of movies what would it be?
It would be Spirited Away combined with Love Story.

When one types your name on LastFm, similar artists to be found are :
The Embassy, The Sound Of Arrows, Le Sport, Museum of Bellas Artes, Thieves Like Us and The Tough Alliance, Do you agree with that?

It’s funny, we have some kind of IRL relation to all of those acts and have met most of them. We’re actually in the same studio space as MBA.

What would people be surprised to learn about Lo-fi-Fnk?
We are pretty ambitious in practising meditation.

What’s up next for you guys? Do you have songs ready for the next album?
We are more than halfway into our next album and it will be out next year.

To conclude with, Where are you answering our interview questions from?
Stockholm, sweden!!!

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Hold tight for 2013 and totally revolutionary news about Lo-Fi-Fnk!


Thanks to August and Leo
Special Thanks to Kaine

Interview by Thierry Jaussaud
Credit Photo : Daniella Midenge