Electronic music from London via Melbourne. COMING HOME // RNB out September 10.

Visitor accepted to answer some of our questions :

Hello Guys, how are you? How did you two come together?
Hi! We’re very well thanks. We met at high school in Melbourne, and pretty much started working on music together straight away. We’ve lived in a few different places and are now pretty much based London and Australia.

What’s the story behind the name of your group?

For a short while we were going to be called something different. We were in a London studio, it was very late, and the studio visitor passes sort of caught our attention… It just seemed to make a lot of sense and fitted what we do.

What did you want to achieve with Visitor; were there a list of objectives if you like?

From the very first stages, we were very influenced by a lot of Thin White Duke remixes such as the Mr Brightside one. That was loosely our template when we begun. Another thing has been maintaining control. Not letting other opinions cloud what we actually want to achieve. Whether that’s record labels, managers whatever… That has been tough, but is absolutely the right thing for us.

In terms of what we want to achieve. We want this to be as big as humanly possible. We want to play in front of a lot of people.
We first got to know you from « Los Feeling », and since then, almost 2 years have passed. How long did it actually take to come up with the new EP? what are the expectations? Are you currently writing an album?
Yeah, Los Feeling was written at the very start of VISITOR. In the time since we put it out there, we have written a lot of music and completed our album along with quite a few remixes. It’s a whole different mental gear to get in to now – putting our music out there rather than writing and recording.

In terms of your song writing, how do you approach such a task? Is it quite a flexible thing or do you have a set way of working or need to be in a particular mood?
I’d say there’s no set way of writing. In fact, I think the best stuff for us has come from changing the way we write. Sometimes we start with a beat, sometimes we’ll start with guitars, a vocal idea, a feeling. Sometimes the inspiration has just been a movie or whatever. No fixed path!

What is your view on the current music industry model? Do you think it makes promotion any easier or more difficult than the old business industry model with physical formats in stores?

Obviously the whole thing has been hugely democratised by online and the accessibility of the technology, which is ultimately amazing, but the traditional industry model is definitely not for us. It’s very hard to justify the place of a label at the early stages of an acts career. I get what a label can do in terms of budget and funding further on, but in the beginning, I think it’s healthier for a band to create their own success, rather than have a bunch of people try and create it for them…

What sort of music are you currently listening to? Are there any new gems you could perhaps share with us?
LOVE the Frank Ocean album, anything Stuart Price or Alan Braxe or Lifelike touch. Nothing that underground or surprising really

As far as touring is concerned, are we likely to see any UK and Europe shows forthcoming?
Touring and getting our live show to be as big as possible is definitely on the agenda for the near future!

What are your hopes and aspirations for the near future?
Just making this as successful as it can be!

Well that’s all my questions, thanks. Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?

Yes: we really do appreciate the support and hope people like what we’re doing.


Thanks to Visitor
Interview by Thierry Jaussaud